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Group One
In & Out of Studio 3D
Friday, 14 December 2018
What a Beauty!
Topic: Bible Journaling

The font I taught this week is (the capitals) one I designed at least a dozen years ago just for fun. I searched to find a lower-case that matched with it and then did a few changes to make it my own.

Here are the lessons for this:

BEAUTY Font – Day 1 – Introduction

This week’s decorated basic print style paves the way for lots of creative options. On the design sheet below is first a step-by-step to letter construction, including the form of the flowers. After you’ve worked through that, let’s start exploring the special signage!

Note, first, that the base letters are usually 2 units wide and 4 units tall. This will sometimes vary for truly slim letters like the ‘I’ or over-wide letters like the ‘M’ and ‘W’. Work to get consistent width on your double-line sections of the letters. The x-height on the lower case is ½ the height of the full letter height.

All of the capital letters have one flower and one leaf and they are always on a line. Lower case letters can be flowerless or you can add a bloom to selected round-bodied letters, right in their center. Use judiciously as in1 flower to short/medium words and 2-3 on longer words. Keep your flower sizes consistent throughout your piece.

When you’ve got all your drawing and inking done its time to decide on color options. I’ve listed a few to consider: 1) leave the whole word black and white 2) color just the flowers and leaves – either with a variety of colors or all the same 3) color the flowers AND the letters – either consistent colors or a variety 4) ink the letters and/or flowers with colored ink instead of black.

BEAUTY Font – Day 2 - Alphabet

Today the lesson is pretty straightforward. We’re going to write out the entire upper and lower-case alphabet. Use the flowers on ALL your capitals but leave the lower-case and numbers without.

Refer back to the first lesson for pointers on forming your letters and flowers.

I colored mine for fun but this is really your own reference sheet for the future so you might choose to leave yours uncolored.

BEAUTY Font – Day 3 - Lyrics

Let’s practice today with our letters by writing some song lyrics that use the word BEAUTY.

You can see that I chose a L-o-o-o-n-g song so I had to shrink my letters. I also used some simple script interspersed! I chose to maintain the flow by using consistent color throughout.

A little whimsy to fill the lower blank space? I used flowers to create notes on a music staff.

BEAUTY Font – Day 4 - Scripture

For more letter practice, today select a scripture with the word BEAUTY and write it up on practice paper.

I used consistent coloring throughout my piece.

I want to point out how I messed up my layout by not making the word GLADNESS all caps to maintain the artistic concept I started with. The reason I want to show this to you is so that you understand that I am not anything special in the lettering department. I get inspired by something and just keep working until it becomes a whole designed alphabet. My practice pieces ARE for practice, not for presentation. Just like you, I need practice and it is not uncommon for me to have to do things over!

BEAUTY Font – Day 5 - In Your Bible

Friday is the day we use our new font in our Bible with the focus word in the scripture. If you wish, use a different form of the work like ‘beautiful’. On the other hand, you might want to work with a work like ‘grow’ ‘bloom’ or ‘garden’.

For my Bible page I used a red ink for the flowers, green for the leaves and glitter gold gel pen for the letters. I wish you could see how glittery these letters are.

I think I’ll leave off illustrating this page – at least for now.

I am having such fun doing these lettering lessons. Starting in January 2019 I will have a series that takes us step-by-step from basic print to decorated print to script, brush script and bounce lettering. I don't know how long the entire series will be. I guess we will know when we get to the end, huh?


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 8:57 PM PST

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