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Friday, 11 January 2019
Lettering Lesson Series - Week 2
Topic: Lettering

Week of the lettering lesson series is set in Revelation

Day 1 – A Relaxed Hand – Introduction

So many times, students say that they don’t do lettering work because their hands are so shaky. Well, this is just the lesson that will take away all that fear of wiggly lines. Because we are going to MAKE the lines waver all over the place and then trace over them again to make sure they wiggle some more.

First, decide on the scale you want for your letters and pencil in a guide for the top of the caps, the x-height, the letter base and the descender. Then lightly pencil in your basic letter shape.

When you take up the pen, I want you to draw wavery lines over your pencil (no matter how straight the pencil is). Then go back and make a second line, letting it touch or cross as you wish, trying to use the second line to counteract any bumps in the first line to make the cohesive whole look straighter. So, if you have a line with a big warp in it on the first pass, make the second pass travel on the inside of the bump to visually pull it back into line. Sounds strange, but it works!

Try not to leave the ‘exposed’ ends of the lines with two loose ends. I usually start where the lines are connected, wavy-draw out to the end and wavy-draw back in, without lifting the pen.

You can use any of the alphabet forms already presented in this series as your base letters.

Day 2 – A Relaxed Hand – Alphabet

After getting a taste of this style yesterday, you could probably have figured out today’s whole alphabet pretty easily. In fact, you can use this method on your alphabet of alternative letters from last week if you want more practice.

Don’t forget to draw your base forms lightly in pencil first and add the wiggle as you ink them.

Remember, we discussed yesterday the easy way to enclose those exposed ends of lines:  start where the lines are connected, wavy-draw out to the end and wavy-draw back in, without lifting the pen.

Day 3 – A Relaxed Hand – Angular Alpha

We get a bonus alphabet this week – same technique but on a different letter form.

Our previous letter forms have all been using a print with very round ‘bowls’. You will notice that this new alphabet has NO rounded lines. Everything is straight lines and angles.

By combining this angular print with the ‘relaxed hand’ style it creates an antique-looking font – great for biblical writing!

Same as before, draw your guidelines to set yourself up for consistency in letter size, lightly pencil the letter forms, ink with wavery lines, erase the pencil.


Day 4 – A Relaxed Hand – Mixing It Up

For the exercise today, I mixed all the styles we have learned up to this point, in both upper and lower-case but all with wavery lines.  I used these to ‘address envelopes’ as a reference to the instructions to John in Revelation: “To the church in _______ write…”

Using wavy lines to outline the envelopes and the stamps gives a cohesive feel to this page in my workbook.


Day 5 – A Relaxed Hand – In Your Bible

The ultimate goal of these lessons is to provide you with a growing lettering vocabulary to use in your Bible journaling.

For my page, I went to Revelation 22:17 and paraphrased part B. I used the Angular Alphabet with the wavery lines in my text.

I used the Drawing Room lesson for the week as my illustration.


End of Week 2








Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 1:46 PM PST

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