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Sunday, 30 June 2019
Lettering in the Books of 1 and 2 Thessalonians
Topic: Bible Journaling

One alphabet for two books. In order to fit all 66 books into 52 weeks of the year, a few were combined. This is one such week.

THESSALONIANS: Day #1 – Wedged – Introduction

We explored a few alternatives to the Basic Block Lettering when it was first introduced early in the year. All of those were significant departures from the base form. Now, I want to show you how to make some minor changes to the font and still create a very unique alphabet.

We’re going to do this a step at a time so you can learn how design edits are initiated and become a participant in the design process.

For today, practice with this introductory word to get a taste of the end goal.



THESSALONIANS: Day #2a – Wedged – Review Blocks

As the first step in this design overhaul, you will want to review the root form of the Basic Block Alphabet. However, our new alphabet will need an altered form to begin with. We want a letter that uses elements of 3 units high by 1 unit wide.

First, write out a new alphabet based on those dimensions. This will be your template for the redesign.

When you have that done, move on to the next graphic.



THESSALONIANS: Day #2b – Wedged – Changing Font

Using the ABC graphic below, note how the Basic Block is transformed. Column 1 is the base letter; column 2 substitutes the vertical for a wedge that is the 1 unit width at the top and narrows to a point that is centered on the base of the element; column 3 shows the final result. Note that, when the vertical has a curved top, like in the letter C, the wedge is vertical on the inside edge, slanted on the outside edge and follows the curve at the top.

Use your practice piece from graphic 1 to see how many of the forms you can get right.

The graphic at the right demonstrates a lower-case alphabet that uses narrow wedges (1/2 unit wide) to modify the verticals of the Basic Round Print. Try creating a full alphabet for this as well.

We’ll get to see both of these full alphabets tomorrow so you can evaluate how well you did.



THESSALONIANS: Day #3 – Wedged – Alphabets

So, how well did you do yesterday? Check your invented alphabet against the one shown here. If there are deviations between them, which forms do you like better? If you like yours, then GO WITH IT!

If you didn’t do the exercise yesterday, you can copy out this version and adopt it for the rest of this week’s activities.



THESSALONIANS: Day #4 – Wedged – Use in a Phrase

Today, we’re going to use the new ‘wedged’ font to write a scripture on practice paper.

I made a couple of additional variations to my letters to add interest. On the upper-case letters I drew a horizontal line at the mid-point and divided that in half and in half again. The result, more attention-getting word art.

I simply used a filled wedge on the lower-case letters.

Imagine what this would look like if you were writing a patriotic message and colored those upper stripes in alternating red and white while coloring the bottom half and the lower-case with blue! What other fun color combinations would you like to try?



THESSALONIANS: Day #5 – Wedged – Bible Page

Here we are at Friday again! Today we are using the new font in our Bible to write a scripture in the books of 1st or 2nd Thessalonians. I combined the upper case with a small script. Did you notice, I also made the tops of the wedges concave? This makes it at little more casual.

I wrote my letters in colored ink and then filled with a lighter color. I did this to keep the lettering from looking too harsh against the gentle coloring of the illustration (which is the hummingbird from this week’s Drawing Room). This is in my interleaved Bible.

And so we wrap up another week of lettering lessons for our bibles.





Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 7:51 PM PDT

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