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Group One
In & Out of Studio 3D
Sunday, 7 July 2019
A Time For Ecclesiastes
Topic: Bible Journaling

Gonna have to WORK it this week…

ECCLESIASTES: Day #1 – Related Curls – Intro

We’re going to go all out this week and learn THREE alphabets! Why? Because they are all based on the Basic Oval Print and they share many of the same decorative elements. There are enough changes to make it obvious that they are separate styles but close enough to demonstrate how little changes can have a big impact.

The nice thing in knowing all three of these alphabets is that you can see where you could borrow a letter form from one to use with the decorative elements of another. For instance, if you like the shape of the ‘a’ in the 2nd and 3rd you could borrow it to use in the 1st.

Practice with these three and we’ll visit the full alphabet for the first one tomorrow.



ECCLESIASTES: Day #2 – Related Curls – Alphabet 1

This alphabet is curlier than the other two with at least one, but sometimes two curls per letter. I usually replace the star on the ‘I’ and ‘j’ with little curled dots.

This sample shows very round bowls on the letters but we are actually going to use oval bowls so it looks more like the other two alphabets used this week. The x-height is just slightly taller than ½ of the letter height.

Note that some of the curls are a continuation of a round part of a letter so they are curved all the way around. Others are an extension off of a straight part of a letter so they start with a little corner and then dip into a curl. Note also that these are SMALL curls, not big swoops like the ‘Leading Loops’ font learned not too long ago.


ECCLESIASTES: Day #3 – Related Curls – Alphabet 2

This alphabet retains a few of the loops from yesterday’s piece but many of them have been converted to serifs. None of these letters has more than one curl.

In addition, every letter has one (and only one) vertical line doubled – always on the left side. Again, you could dot the ‘I’ and ‘j’ with curls if desired.

The x-height is exactly ½ of the letter height.



ECCLESIASTES: Day #4 – Related Curls – Alphabet 3

This alphabet retains some of the curls from the first two alphabets and adds some shaping to the oversized serifs. X-height is slightly over ½ of the letter height.

The most notable feature of this alphabet is the triple lines on the verticals. These may sometimes be on the right side of the letter (unlike yesterday’s). There are also some unique letter forms like the ‘f’ and ‘g’.

Because this is a more complicated style, there is a step-by-step guide at the bottom for drawing and inking.



ECCLESIASTES: Day #5 – Related Curls – In Your Bible

Today, use one of the three alphabets from this week’s lessons on a page in your bible. The three styles are closely enough related that they do not mix together well. If you want to combine with another font, use something very plain.

I used alphabet #3 for this page in Ecclesiastes. As an optional feature, I added color to the triple-bar section of the letters. This page was decorated with the ‘Hibiscus’ from the Drawing Room lesson of the week.



Wow! Three alphabets in one week. What a bonus.




Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 8:28 PM PDT

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