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Saturday, 23 November 2019
Lettering in the Book of Acts
Topic: Bible Journaling

For the book of Acts I wanted to have a font that would enhance the stories of the coming of the Holy Spirit. I decided to begin with flames and then, later in the week, taught edits that would expand the usability of the basic font for other themes.

Here are the lessons for the week:

ACTS: Day #1 – Fiery Font – Introduction

Although there are a lot of ways these letters can be ‘accessorized’, we’re going to focus first on setting fire to them.

First, practice making little groups of flames. They are vertical with a longer point at the top than at the bottom and can be single or grouped in twos and threes with various sizes.

Then, move on to the lettering. This is a vertical font with one wide leg. There are tiny serifs as well. Following the second line below for the steps: In pencil draw the base form of the letter, add tiny serifs, add flames at the base – small singles on the thin legs and multiples on the wide legs, Ink the flames then the letter, erase pencil and add color. I color first with all yellow then add yellow-orange on 2/3 and finally add orange at the bottom.

This sample does not give a lot of practice for the lettering but you can practice the flames more if you like.







ACTS: Day #2 – Fiery Font – Alphabet

Today we’ve got the whole alphabet to practice. In addition to the vertical posts and tiny serifs you’ll note that the rounded letters are very squarish.

Note that the flames are placed free-form so you can do with yours as you wish. A consistent look in your OWN alphabet is more important than making them exactly like mine.







ACTS: Day #3 – Fiery Font – Options

On day one I talked about the versatility of this font with a variety of decorative options open to you. Below are just a few choices to try out:

1)      Add a line and a dot inside the top of every wide leg.

2)      Do the outline of the letters with color instead of black, then color in the letters.

3)      Leave off the flames, color the letters with a blue tint. Add swirls in a darker blue.

4)      Replace the flames with snowflakes, draw letters in light gray, color in light violet and use the gray to add windy swirls behind the letters.

5)      Sketch out the letters in very fine pen using double lines. Draw broken angled lines over the letters and add tiny raindrops. Color the letters in gray and add some gray ground. In the ground draw some concentric ovals for puddles.







ACTS: Day #4 – Fiery Font – Scripture Writing

Use any version we’ve practiced (or one you make up for yourself) to write a page of scripture. Be sure you are always working first in pencil and only inking when you have everything structured as you wish.







ACTS: Day #5 – Fiery Font – Bible Page

Use any version of the Fiery Font in your bible to write a scripture. I combined the lined, flame letters to represent the tongues of fire and lots of swirls to represent the violent wind mentioned in Acts 2.



I hope you will have a go at this font in one form or another.






Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST

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