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Group One
In & Out of Studio 3D
Thursday, 2 January 2014
Still Ahead of the Game
Topic: Multi-Technique

More scraps laying on the table so I decided to make more of the very early Christmas cards.

For the first one I had used the front side for experimenting so I had to turn it over and play with the side where the pattern was indented instead of raised. This also put the border strip on the left. coloring was more challenging since I was coloring into the indented areas but it worked out fairly well. I couldn't stamp the text onto the background because it would have missed where there were sunk in dots. So I stamped on a buff paper, cut a fishtail and raised it up on foam tape. I liked black bordering for this.

I had one more of the embossed panels left but no more of the globes or diecut word. So I just colored it up and left off the ground line. I stamped the full greeting on the background and added a star in the sky which I colored with yellow.

This needed a bit of pizzaz so I used three different colors of Stickles to add over the snow ground and dots, colored background dots and the star.

Black bordering worked really well on this one, too.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Wednesday, 1 January 2014
A Whole New Wardrobe
Topic: Sewing

You've probably seen those TV cooking shows where the participants are given a basket of ingredients and an inspiration theme and have to create something edible. Well, in a twist on that I started with THIS fabric:

...and the assigned inspiration theme of ''Wrestlers". Actually, I didn't get a 'basket of ingredients' so this was from the 'pantry and fridge'. I was sent a wrestler action figure to make clothing for and the assignment was under way.

This was the piece I made from the flashy red sequin fabric... trunks!

Very manly, huh? And this is after a lot of pattern drafting and test garments. When I made clothes for my teen dolls and later for my daughter's dolls, they had fully moveable parts, small hands and feet and no molded on clothing. For this doll his arms tend to move away from the body, he has balled fists and booted feet, non-moveable legs and he has bulky undies. These things make for great wrestling action but a challenge in fitting clothes!

I found some advice on the internet on drafting clothing patterns with no shoulder seams, built in sleeves, and one-piece legs on pants. A bit of experimenting with sewing order and I was ready to roll.

After making the trunks I decided to add a crop-top shirt to match it:

Then, because most of my 'pantry' is quilting fabrics, I needed to have stretchier fabrics to allow for dressing him around his physical challenges. I went to the fabric store and got 6 stretchy knits. Another nice thing about these is that the edges don't have to be hemmed and they still won't fray. YAY!

I now had one shirt pattern and one pants pattern and just made whatever adjustments were needed for styling other clothes. I made him a sleeveless tee and slacks:

Then I added a jacket:

He got a standard tee and another pair of pants (which are actually green):

Then I went back to my own stash and made him a few capes towear into the ring. This one is a crispy red with glitter in it:

I made one of faux leather:

And a patriotic one (I call this one his Captain America cape)

Then because he needed something to wear lounging around the dressing room between bouts, I made him a long robe:

This wrestler dude is really ready for anything now.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 24 December 2013 9:25 PM PST
Tuesday, 31 December 2013
Let's Wrap It Up, Folks!
Topic: Multi-Technique

WOW! Time for the year-end-review already? What a busy and fulfilling year it has been in my art world. I had a hard time choosing just one item from each month to showcase.


On January 22nd I posted this card made with peel-off stickers, pearl pen, shimmer cardstock trim, Martha Stewart paper, Tim Holtz distress paper, and Distress Ink.


On February 26nd I shared this card as part of a tutorial I wrote on 'hacking' acrylic stamps to make parts adjustable (the ears in this case). The card also features 'out of the box' diecutting and 'watercoloring' with Distress Marker ink.


I shared this card I made on March 29th using a pattern designed for an applique quilt. I used patterned papers instead, carefully cut and layered.


On April 14th it was a card I created using a waxed paper background, a stencil and Distress Inks. I want to go make more of these.


The project I chose from May was posted on the 9th. This necklace was constructed from store-bought wire stars, star buttons, an old bracelet and jump rings. This was a big hit with the 'jewery staff' on our cruise ship!


On June 20th I shared some cards using formula cutting of 6 x 6 paper pads and mix-and-match assembly. I especially like this one with a butterfly sticker and three butterfly punches.


From July 2nd I just had to share again the awesome wall hanging I designed for my son-in-law. I also wrote a tutorial/pattern for this which is available on request.


August 25th was the post date for my largest quilt to date. The king size creation is a tribute to our late black lab - Chuck the Dog - and a gift to my hubby. Features include applique (center), original paper piecing (dog heads), fussy cutting (puppy blocks), and free-motion quilting.


On September 1st I shared some cards using a black embossed background stamp and watercolor markers. I love the dramatic look of this.


October's best share was on the 8th. I used my own hand-carved stamp on a fancy diecut and colored with blended alcohol markers. I employed a new-to-me background shading technique, too.


Narrowing down November to just one was the most difficult but I finally settled on the Birdhouse Neighborhood quilted wall hanging from the 21st. This was the most inventive quilt I have done and I absolutely love everything about it.


And finally, the December 8 project which is another quilt! I made this with scraps from other quilts I have made (41 of them to date) and only had to buy for the border and backing. I love picking out the fabrics and remebering where they were used before.

So there you have it! My favorite cards, quilts and jewelry from 2013 and the techniques that make them special. Many more quilts this year in the review but I then made more quilts this year than in the past, too!

I will close out this year with a special wish for each of you to have a Happy New Year. Go forth and create!


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Monday, 30 December 2013
Head Start
Topic: Multi-Technique

I had one more idea jump into my head while cleaning off some scraps off the desktop - specifically a word diecut and a punched white circle. The word was a Tim Holtz shaped cut of 'peace'. When it fell on top of the circle I was inspired to create the first two Christmas cards for NEXT year!

I dig out an old stamp of an antique map of two hemispheres and stamped it on the circle. I actually did this with two circles and different inks so I could do the coloring in watercolor markers and in alcohol markers to see which I would like better. I liked the both so made cards with each.

I added some black punched bits to create a globe stand then mounted the cut word on foam tape over top.

To create the background I used two embossing folders on white cardstock. The right side is a border folder and the main field is the swiss dots folder. I used the same style of markers to color the embossing and drew a ground line with black marker.

The globe was mounted and a coordinating border added to the card base. Then I stamped additional text at the bottom.

Here is a view of the raised word:

I wouldn't say I'm READY for next Christmas, but I do have a head start.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Sunday, 29 December 2013
A Few More Flakes
Topic: Beads

I had so much fun making those beaded snowflake ornaments (except when I poked my thumb with the wire) that I decided to do more and use them on packages for Christmas. I still had the bead bins all over my work surface so it was easy to come up with sets of beads to use. Other than pinching my palm with the pliers, this session was injury-free.

Here are the 6 new flakes I made:

Red and gold:

Black and Gray:

Amber and Silver:

Blue and Clear:

Pink and Clear:

Green and More Green:

I may need to get a new set of wirecutters for jewelry since this wire is SO hard it nicks the edge.

I still have about 10 of these wire frames to use next year. Hmmm, maybe for a necklace?


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Saturday, 28 December 2013
The Cat's Out Of the Bag
Topic: Sewing

Another Christmas gift from the sewing room.

I got a free pattern from the internet of a hobo bag small enough to be a purse. I edited the pattern to add a split pocket on the inside and the outside. Since this is a reversible bag you always have one in and one out!

I used scraps of fabric with paw prints on them - one black with multicolored light paws and one tan with darker paws. When I used this fabric for a quilt they were dog prints - but since the recipient is a cat lover they've magically been transformed into cat paw prints.

This is the view with the black side out:

And here is the view when reversed to the light side:

The pockets are on opposite sides of the bag so one side will not be bulkier than the other.



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 17 December 2013 6:59 AM PST
Friday, 27 December 2013
The Mighty Protector
Topic: Sewing

For a time the short adult clothing protectors (bibs) were a grand success but as circumstances changed so have the needs. These are the changes that I made to the original pattern:

1 - from short to long: Originally waist length, now down to the knees. Now they will no longer have to put a towel on the lap to keep spills off their clothing.

2 - short open pocket to deep split pocket: The original pocket could hold a napkin, kleenex or hankie but  a shift could open the pocket for these items to tumble out. Now there is a seam up the middle to create two pockets that will not gape open.

3 - from cotton to terrycloth: These needed to be more absorbent so spills would not simply slide or drip off. Terrycloth met the criteria.

4 - from completely bound to partially bound: The old style had all the edges bound with bias tape. These new ones are only bound around the neck and across the top of the pocket. The rest has a single-turned hem with a decorative stitch over top.

The neck still closes with velcro.

I made a 'wardrobe' of 6 clothing protectors in yellow, green, brown, blue, lavender and coral. All the bias tape and decorative thread are in coordinating colors.

These take just one-half yard of fabric each. So they start out at 18 inches wide and finish at around 17 1/2.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Thursday, 26 December 2013
Please Be Seated
Topic: Around the House

Here's a peek at the holiday table setting. I had fabric napkins and looked online to see how to fold them like a poinsettia. This version was simple to do but ended up with a plain center.

Off I went to the studio to make some centers with paper crafting.

I used a diecut flower as a base but it was rounded petals. I hand trimmed them to a point. There were two sizes of the flower so I treated both the same. I used a stylus to score a vein down the center of each petal then layered them. I popped in a golden center of a punched sunburst.

To turn these into place cards I free-hand cut three green leaves and scored a center vein on each. The name was hand lettered and the leaves glued to the back.

These just lay on the center of the napkin.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Wednesday, 25 December 2013
Deck the Halls, and Walls, and Windows
Topic: Around the House

M*E*R*R*Y  C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S

So you can get back to your holiday festivities I will quickly show the holiday decor at our house.










Alright, everyone! Back to your presents and pie.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Tuesday, 24 December 2013
U 1 2 C M ?
Topic: Beads

Many moons ago I bought some wire snowflake frames to use in a workshop. Plans changed and I put them away for personal use and never got around to doing anything with them.

Today's the day!

I got out the bead stash and sorted the little bags into color groups. Then I gathered several bags together that I wanted to combine and started stringing them on the wire frames, one spoke at a time.

On five spokes the wire gets bent about 1/4 inch from the last bead. The wire is then clipped and turned back into the last bead. On the last spoke the wire gets a right angle turn right at the bead. Then the wire is clipped at about 1/2 inch and curled up with round nose pliers to make a loop for hanging.

This one combines some paper beads, copper, clear and amber beads:

This one uses yellow, amber and pink:

Another paper bead with lavender, clear, green and silver:

Shades of lavender and purple with pearl and clear:

Paper beads with blue, clear, green and white:

And, finally, red and gold:

The worst thing about working with these is the hardness of the wire. They are not likely to ever get bent out of shape because it takes a lot of muscle to bend and to clip the wires. You definitely have to have the right tools for these - and I hope I am not ruining my good jewelry tools on them.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Monday, 23 December 2013
Nailed It
Topic: Nail Art

I decided to have a little holiday fun with my nails again.

I chose a dark rose and a bright green to color each nail half and half. Then I used black to create a dividing line in the center and covered over them all with gold ultra-fine glitter polish.

Very festive!


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Sunday, 22 December 2013
Leaping Away
Topic: Pretty Paper

This is from another 12 x 12 sheet, this one with a border print. I would have prefered the reindeer to be leaping toward the tree instead of away, this is how the layout worked out.

I only added chocolate borders to the top and bottom and a vinyl sticker greeting before bordering with sage green.

Like yesterday, my embellishing spirit wants to add ornaments to the tree with tiny rhinestones - or at least a star on top. We'll see.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Saturday, 21 December 2013
Happy Holidays, Deer
Topic: Pretty Paper

Some of the 12 x 12 papers I bought in closeout a couple of years ago had such large elements printed on them that they weren't really suitable for cards. I though this was going to be one of those but with judicious trimming it works pretty well.

It may be difficult to tell but the only thing added is the Happy Holidays greeting and the striped paper at the base. Everything else is printed on the chocolate background with glossy ink. 

I am sorely tempted to add a red rhinestone to the end of the nose on the reindeer. What do you think?



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Friday, 20 December 2013
Fields of Birches
Topic: Pretty Paper

While searching for just the right background papers for all the colored images I made lately I came across two sheets of 12 x 12 that were printed with a photo of birch trees. I cut them both down to include some of the snowy ground and the stand of trees behind.

Snippets and strips of the scraps of papers I had laying on the desktop became the simple decor and I went through stickers and stuff for small items to embellish with.

The first for a teddy bear image I had colored eons ago. After the photo I added a faux stitching line around the image, so you'll have to use your imagination on that.

With the same layout I added a simple cup of steaming coffee.

Another part of the winter scene was large enough to cover the whole card. A simple holiday greeting of thick acrylic is the only added element other than the paper strip - one plaid, one stripe.

The last set uses the same plaid and stripe trims. They each for a cardinal acrylic sticker high in the tree. Then one got a Noel sticker and one a larger cardinal above the stripe.


I used the same taupe for bordering on all of these to call attention to the coloring in the trees. After doing so many where the focus was on the stamped element it was not easy to let the background be the focus. This called for restraint in the embellishment stage.









Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Thursday, 19 December 2013
Polar Expressions
Topic: Coloring

The bear is back! And he brought the Christmas trees with him!

I used the same formula for stamping these scenes as I did when I stamped them on watercolor paper before. These three stamped on plain cardstock were colored with alcohol markers, though. I colored all of them at the same time until I was ready for the scarves. Blue for the bear and snow blended with a colorless blender, then the trees and ornaments. The noses and feet got a little cool gray.

For the first bear I gave him a scarf of yellow and orange. He was diecut and backed with a text paper of winter words. I added a strip of coordinating plaid and bordered everything with rust. I cut a couple of the words from the same background and used it as the sentiment.

The next bear's scarf was orange and green. this led to a green background and more of the rust bordering. I chose a dotted paper strip to echo the ornaments on the trees and added a gold peel-off greeting.

And then we get really chilly! With a two-toned purple neckscarf thish guy wanted some cooler colors for bordering and backing. I used some of the snowflake paper with purple borders and added just a small strip of green to pick up color from the trees. A clear sticker provides the sentiment.

All popped up on foam tape, these little bears look quite at home in the snow.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Wednesday, 18 December 2013
Topic: Coloring

There is so little coloring on the images today I probably should have found a different topic label for them. I did get lots of practice coloring white, though!

A very small image of a snowman was stamped on plain white cardstock. He had shading marks drawn in so I used those as a guide for adding some light blue. I used a colorless blender to soften the edges and then used soft pink and green to color the hats and scarves. A little brown for the twig arms was next. On some of them I colored blue for the snow and on a couple the snow has melted off the ground and he stands on grass.

I found some awesome snowflake paper for a background and added pink punched snowflakes and green bordering. I used a variety of diecuts, greeting styles and layouts for 4 cards.

For the ones with grass underneath I switched to green holly backgrounds. The first uses a mint teal bordering and pink snowflakes.

And the last uses shimmery rust bordering on the card base, mint teal on the feature and some patterned snowflakes. I added a sticker sentiment that has a little glitter on the text.

All of the features are popped up on foam tape and the snowflakes are all only glued at the center for some dimension.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Tuesday, 17 December 2013
A Trio Of Good Tidings
Topic: Coloring

Oh, those little singing girls are back! This time, though, they've come in watercolored velvet and all in matching outfits. They really are a choir.

I used the ink from Distress Markers to watercolor these three images. Then I used a black marker to turn their 'smirking' mouths into singing mouths and each of them came out a little different. Guess they're all singing different parts.

The first girl is on the 'Mer' part of her Merry Christmas greeting (LOL). I used a coral 'bubble' background paper and a single strip of a solid.

I changed up the diecut shape for this one and lightened the background color. It was too busy for a peel-off greeting so I went ot a plastic sticker. This girl is singing the 'son' part of her message.

This little girl is obviously singing 'JOY'. A coral floral paper with some of the 'bubble' paper frames up the dircut perfectly.

With the background papers allfeaturing the coral side of the coloring duo I used a muted purple as the bordering on all three cards to match the trims on her outfit.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Monday, 16 December 2013
Here We Come A Caroling
Topic: Coloring

This little 'caroling' girl came with a Chrismtas set, though she does not have a single element on her to identify her with the season. Apparently children are not expected to sing at other times of the year!

I created three cards with her colored in alcohol markers. The first uses a not-traditional color palette of gold and coral pink. I used a diecut for the feature and added a thin border of shimmer coral. What a miracle when I found this gradient dot in one of my recently used 6 x 6 pads. The color was perfect! I just added a golden strip and a gold foil greeting.

The next coloring moves more toward the traditional but with a touch of lime in the green and a touch of orange in thered. Very close to fall colors so maybe she is caroling for Halloween. This coloring allowed me to use these variants in the background as well and I even used a mint green in the bordering. I finished this one with a gold peel-off greeting.

Yes, I finally did go strictly traditional in coloring: Christmas red and Christmas green. All the bordering is srtaight-up red and I even found an old paper that was red and green plaid. A red foil greeting with an antique font is the finisher.

THAT should appease the traditionalists!


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Sunday, 15 December 2013
In The Pink
Topic: Coloring

I like a little variety in my poinsettias so I decided to do up a set in pink. On the other hand, I'm not fond of the faded yellowed look of those petal tips so mine are not realistic - prettier, just not realistic!

I started out with a pale to medium range of pinks and some leaf to lime greens for the leaves. A pale blue was the way to go for the background. I I used a strip of pink stripe over the greenand added a sentiment in clear sticker.

After that I upped the intensity of the darkest pink and showed more of the lime green in the leaves. This called for more lime in the background green. I kept the pink stripe but used a rub-on for the sentiment.

I went back to the original set of pinks but drew the darkest out further from the center. Yeah, I'm liking this. I kept the same layout but freshened it up with a stripe that echoes the colors and makes me think of ribbon candy. The sentiment on this one is also a rub-on.

Anc, finally, the coloring just as the last one (since I found what I really liked) with a little pink plain background. As I was bordering and trimming the feature block I suddenly stopped before the last trim and realized it would be the perfect place for a silver peel-off sentiment!

Now this big block of four stamps can go back into storage until next Christmas.






Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Saturday, 14 December 2013
Velvety Petals
Topic: Coloring

Three rich reds make up the velvet petals of this poinsettia. I controlled the bleeding of the red by not coloring up to the borders until the very last when all the other ink was dry. Both cards use the same two greens for the leaves but sport different values of blue background.

The first is the lighter blue. I found a scrap of red cardstock that had been run throught the Cuttlebug with the distressed stripes folder. This matched the lightest red from the image so well I fairly makes the blooms glow. I used blue bordering pieces and added a red foil greeting.

The second card is even simpler. I used a green background to echo the leaves and a yellow strip to pull out color from the flower centers. Blue bordering echoes the background in the feature and a red foil greeting nods to the flower colors.

Next time we'll be 'in the pink'.




Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST

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