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Friday, 13 October 2023
Craft Fair - Cards
Topic: Multi-Technique

The last caregory of crafts I made for the fair was cards. They cover 7 different styles.

Fortuitously, I got three display racks for free this week in a craft supplies swap. SCORE!

This first rack holds 1) 3D cuttings mounted on handmade paper (that I made many years ago) and 2) laser etched 3D illustrations.

Rack two holds 3) original drawings in the front row with 4) watercolor painted cards behind.

Rack three has 5) two photo cards 6) collage cards and 7) stamped and colored cards.

I have a total of 87 cards priced at $2 to $3 depending on the time/skills required to complete them.





Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PDT
Saturday, 31 December 2022
Wrap It Up, People!
Topic: Multi-Technique

Here we are, ready for a wrap up review of the crafty pursuits of the year. So here is 2022 BY THE NUMBERS:


I completed 1 beaded bracelet this year and started 1 more.


I completed 19 quilts this year and started 1 more. 16 of these were donated to the hospital's Passages program. 1 was a Quilt of Valor awarded to a Vietnam Veteran. 1 was gifted to new neighbors and 1 went to a friend of family recovering from cancer.

I also cut out all the fabrics to make up 10 additional quilt kits that I will sew in the coming months.


I completed 5 online art classes: Colored Pencil Jumpstart; 30 Days To More Confident Sketching; Watercolor Jumpstart; watercolor Wash and Ink; and Watercolor Markers Travel Sketches.

I am continuing to work on Postcards From Oregon using the techniques learned in that final class.


I made 24 cards from old calendars, 2 from samples of the watercolor class, and 4 from samples for the colored pencil class.


1 made 6 finished paintings for the watercolor wash and ink class and 12 (so far) for the watercolor marker class.


I completed 14 Bible journal pages, working in 2 different Bibles.


I created 80 pages of art in a devotional book - mostly with colored pencils and markers.


I kept up with a daily journal with 365 entries in a diary.


I patricipated in the Adult Summer Reading program at the library this year. I did not keep track of everything I read but one of the logs required 25 titles. I completed several more pages of tickets so estimate a total of 40 books read. 

In addition, I read every day of the year and finish a book every other day, on average. 

On top of that, I listen to audiobooks while quilting so probably completed at least 12 that way.


Obviously, all this activity did not take up all of my life as I found time to take 3 cruises and attend 1 class reunion.


I have plans for more art classes, many more quilts, a ton more books and some vacations in the coming year. Guess I just can't stand still!


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Wednesday, 30 December 2020
10 Best of 2020 - Art From the Archives
Topic: Multi-Technique

As I was gathering up my favorite art I had created in 2020 I realized they all fell into one of two categories: Hymn Journaling or Quilting. So instead of going strictly in date order they will be grouped like that here.

First, a synopsis of the overall creative output and milestones for the year:

  • I made and sent 66 cards including birthday, graduation and Christmas
  • I lettered 52 pages of fancy font alphabets
  • I did verse mapping of 53 scriptures
  • I wrote out 365 scripture verses
  • I wrote out lyrics for 66 hymns
  • I did art journaling on 37 hymns in my hymnal
  • I made 93 Bible journaling pages
  • I completed 8 pages in my drawing sketchbook
  • I made 26 quilts - a new record for one year (the last two will be shown tomorrow)
  • Two of the quilts were donated for non-profit auctions. One raised $360 and the other raised $550
  • I brought my total quilt count up to 206 in the 10 years and 4 months I have been making them

My favorite hymn pages of this year are:

Softly and Tenderly - June 10

He is Lord - October 22

I Will Sing Of the Mercies Of the Lord - December 10

Of the quilts I made, these are my favorites:

Converging Daydreams - a new imagining of a Convergence quilt, combining the elements of two planned quilts

Wild Goose Chase - one of 6 quilts I made beginning with orphan blocks from previous projects

Three quilts I made beginning with parts of the same strip sets - Get To the Point, More To the Point, and Point Taken

All-Star Animals - auction quilt for the zoo

Bid Me Goodnight - auction donation for the Edwards Center

All in all it was a very productive year. I have lots of plans and self-challenges for 2021 and you will get to see it all here.

Don't forget to check in tomorrow to see the last two quilts of the year!


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Tuesday, 3 September 2019
Another Loss Close To Home
Topic: Multi-Technique

 Quite a while back, I painted this piece in watercolors on a stamped image. I loved it but the way I had created a card around it did not do it justice so I tore it apart and rescued the painting.

For the new card I grabbed some table scraps (diecut ring, dry embossed panel) as well as a new folded card base and some narrow washi tape.

I used a shaped die to cut out the original image which then seated perfectly into the diecut ring! Once the whole thing was layered I added a gold peel-off sentiment.


It's been a sad several months in our neighborhood - three deaths since last fall.

I hope it is a long time before I need to make any more sympathy cards!



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PDT
Monday, 31 December 2018
2018 Year in Review
Topic: Multi-Technique

This year I did a lot of trying out new things as well as renewing old skills. Most of my creative energies were spent on quilting, drawing, making drawing tutorials, lettering, making lettering tutorials, Bible journaling and watercolor painting. Other pursuits included lots of travel, taking online classes and reading.

In reviewing my activities, I chose my top 10 favorite results.

In July, I completed a watercolor painted card front every day of the month. I chose three favorites.

Love the way the drawing of these boots came out:

This is my best attempt of painting fur:

And this painting came out so well, too:

In Bible journaling I was especially pleased with two.

For the use of a vellum tip-in and my hand carved rubber stamp:

For how this drawing came together from an original concept:

I made one handmade book this year and filled it with lettering from the Lettering Lodge at Creative Bible Journaling:

Another lettering project I loved was this piece with bounce lettering:

I made a beaded bracelet I learned in a class:

I completed one pen & ink drawing for a 'Be Thankful For' challenge in November:

And, finally, this is my favorite of the 14 quilts I completed this year:

Overall, it was a very successful year. It was hard to choose so few as favotires as I really didn't have any real 'stinkers'.

I hope you stick around to see what's shaking in 2019. I plan to keep creating!


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 3:52 PM PST
Saturday, 27 October 2018
Sad To Say
Topic: Multi-Technique

It is always sad when I need to make a sympathy card. This time, our next-door neighbor passed away and sentiments were due to the family.

I had on hand a Dazzles outline floral sticker that I had mounted on a fuscia foil cardstock. This I trimmed down for a starting point. 

I found a piece of white embossed cardstock that I got in a a swap. With a little layering (gold foil cardstock and a white card base) it all came together.

I used a gold Dazzles sticker for the text.

Hope I don't need another for a long time.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PDT
Sunday, 31 December 2017
2017 Year-End Wrapup
Topic: Multi-Technique

In reviewing my posts for 2017 for my top 12 favorites, I realized how much my focus has been narrowing in the arts.

I spend much of my time either quilting, Bible journaling or lettering. The two latter are relatively new focus areas for me and encompas the wider skills of drawing, using different supplies, and even online teaching!

In the area of quilting, this year, I completed 22 projects start-to-finish and also pieced 4 tops for baby quilts from blocks embroidered by my Mom. 15 of my quilts were for charities (11 to the hospital, 4 to a pregnancy center). 3 of the quilts were ones I kept, 2 were for family and 2 for children in crisis.

I put three of my quilt finishes in this year-end roundup. These were all my own designs:

From a panel print, I fussy-cut the bird blocks and then made paper-pieced birdhouses to alternate with them. This is a wall hanging I kept.

The second is also from a panel print which I joined with black sashing to coordinating fabrics. This lap quilt went to the hospital.

The third quilt in my hit parade is another wall hanging that I made for me. All of the blocks are paper pieced. Many of the blocks and the overall design of the quilt are my original designs. It all started as a way to use up the three snowmen blocks!

I do less and less cardmaking as I get involved with other arts and crafts, but I did take an online cardmaking class this year where the theme was 'rainbow techniques'. Of the 28 cards made for that class, this is my favorite:

I did two random crafts that I ran across and had to try. This one was in a magazine: (yes, those are snowmen made of buttons)

And this one was from Etsy: (maker was trying to sell them so I had to figure out my own directions)

The Bible journaling I started in the fall of 2016 is a way to meditate on scriptures using art and creative lettering. I completed 56 pages in my Bible this year. I work in black pen and colored pencils. 

In the course of this, my drawing skills have improved vastly! Here are three pages that are my favorites from the year, all entailing original artwork:

I joined a Facebook group on Creative Bible Journaling partway through the year and soon became involved in the Lettering Lodge there, which focuses on learning new lettering styles. In the past few months, I have become co-staff of that area and have been teaching some week-long online lettering lessons for people to use in their own Bibles.

These are some of the lettering classes I have taught:

(An entirely original font)

(adapted from a VERY old book on lettering)

(Adapted and combined two styles to mimic the illuminated manuscripts we saw at The Getty Center in L.A.)

In the process of learning new lettering styles I started branching out into other materials, as well. I have recently begun practicing with brush markers and did this piece combined with original art, also in brush marker:

So, there you have it - a baker's dozen of my favorite arts and crafts from 2017.

Since I am so immersed in all of these areas (except the button craft and wine-glass candleholders), I expect that 2018 will yield more of the same.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:02 AM PST
Saturday, 31 December 2016
2016 Wrap-Up
Topic: Multi-Technique

And so ends another year...

This year, instead of reviewing only my 10 favorite projects of the year, I decided to compile a list of accomplishments for the year on the blog.

First I ought to point out, as a reminder, that this was the year I stopped creating art to 'feed the blog' and started using the blog only as new art was completed, letting it happen in its own time. This began the first of June just as I had completed 9 years of posting art daily. It was a milestone moment and I chose to make the change that would allow me to relax a bit and let the art develop on its own schedule. The result was 69 blog entries June-December rather than the 217 that it would have taken to fill every day. I like it!

So, what did I do with all that time?

Quilting: completed 20 (baby quilts and lap quilts), 1 tree skirt, 6 placemats (retro campers), pieced 4 tops (lap quilts ready to be quilted), cut all the pieces for 1 quilt, started 2 mystery quilts (in progress).

Sewing: made 6 microwave bowl buddies, 1 small boxed bag, 4 pairs of pants, 2 pillowcases, 2 fabric origami boxes, 9 woven fabric ornaments, 2 zippered makeup bags, 1 insulated lunch bag.

Bible Journalling: This was a totally new endeavor started in September. I have 9 pages completed (pen and ink with colored pencils).

Artwork: 1 colored pencil drawing.

Digital projects: 3 calendars from Shutterfly, 5 books from Shutterfly, 10 cards from Shutterfly.

Challenges: 16 projects using Tim Holtz's Twelve Tags series for inspiration.

Gardening: A shared endeavor with Mom.

In the Kitchen: 26 Freezer to Crockpot meals (haven't sampled all of them yet but we're making note of the ones we want to make again), Preserving from the garden to go in the freezer (corn on the cob, breaded scallop squash, butternut mash, diced tomatoes, roasted summer squash, diced peppers).

Jewelry: 1 bracelet.

Cards: 143 hand made.

Travel: California coastal cruise, Riverboat cruise, Omaha NE, Lynchburg TN, Ephrata WA.

Miscellaneous: 2 watercolor pieces (using stamps for the sketch), 1 decorated blank book (for use as a travel journal).

Grand total: 288 items plus travel and gardening.

I also read 195 magazine issues and innumerable books (including all the assignments for a 16 in 2016 challenge)

Yep, I keep busy!

I would point out that, this year, my very favorite art-related activity is not something I created but a place we visited. We only scheduled a few hours for our visit to The Getty Center (Museum) in Los Angeles. We were mesmerized by all we saw but had to pick and choose as we rushed through. We had to totally skip the Maplethorpe exhibit, the sculpture gardens, and entire centuries of artwork. I loved standing in front of original paintings and sculptures by the world's renouned artists throughout time. I want to go back. I want to spend days there. I want to see it all! I also want to visit other museums like the Smithsonian, the Louvre, the Metropolitan, etc. I LOVE ART!

So, goodbye 2016. Hello 2017, here's to another art-filled year.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 9:14 AM PST
Tuesday, 27 December 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - December
Topic: Multi-Technique

I did it! I really, really did it! I finished all of the 2016 12 tags in 2016! LOL.

I wasn't sure I was going to get this last one done but when I realized I needed some 'thank you' cards for Christmas gifts received.

Here are the techniques that Tim Holtz combined:

And this is the tag he created:

I made cards this time out and here are the steps I used (I left out some of Tim's process):

- apply versamark ink to the inside front of a word embossing folder

- put colored cardstock in the folder and run theough the Cuttlebug

- scoop gold embossing powder onto the versamark ink

- melt embossing powder with heat tool

- select metal embellishments including some with text

- use wet glue to apply metal embellishments to colored cardstock. trim

- use Xyron to adhere text paper to a colored base card

- use wet glue to adhere the mounted metal embellishments to the card front

- use Cuttlebug to cut out 'greenery' from colored cardstock

- adhere to card front

- add rhinestones to serve as berries in the greenery

- glue a white card liner inside

Here are the four cards I made:

Challenge met!


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 7:50 PM PST
Wednesday, 21 December 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - November
Topic: Multi-Technique

This project will almost catch me up with the 2016 tag series - though I chose another display piece instead of a tag.

I also changed the theme from 'Thanksgiving' to 'travel' for my project.

Here are the two techniques Tim combined:

And this is the Tag he created:

These are the steps I used to create my project:

- Apply rubons around the edges of base piece (I used landscape themed and postal images)

- Color background with Distress Stain - blending colors and adding water to mottle

- Distress edges with tool and ink (I used walnut stain)

- Stamp a 'blueprint image' on the background - set aside

- Stamp same image several times on watercolor paper

- Watercolor these using Distress Marker as watercolors

- Deboss from the back to create 3D image

- Trim to colored image size

- Deboss 'forward' elements of other images and trim them out for 3D elements

- Mount layers together using foam tape

- Use Glossy Accents on the areas of the image that are 'glass'

- Use diecut words on the background

- Back the cutouts with colored cardstock

- Use Distress Marker to add drop shadows inside the text

- Layer the watercolored image stack over the stamped image on the background

- Spatter the whole piece with black Distress Ink

- Use brad to attach a charm

And here is the piece I did:

One more 'tag' project to complete and my year will be done.



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PST
Tuesday, 20 December 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - October
Topic: Multi-Technique

I realized I got way behind on completing the projects Tim Holtz designed for his blog. With three projects left to do and only 11 days to get them done in the year assigned, I decided I had better get crackin'.

I had written out the steps Tim used when the bog posts first appeared but it had been so long that I had to look the post up before I started so I could refresh my mind on what the goal was!

Here is the techniques Tim combined:

And here is his project for October:

Tim went all out for Halloween in the October tag but, it being so late, I decided to go in a whole different direction. Here are the steps I used for my project:

- On a base surface create a patchwork collage of various elements according to the desired theme, using a matte medium as a glue and a sealant. 

- I started with two papers with cutout sections. These I overlaid with printed tissue paper, then I went to town with all sorts of butterfly stickers, staying with the more realistic-looking ones.

- Allow the collage to fully dry

- Lightly sand edges

- Apply Picket Fence Distress Stain over surface and wash/wipe away some to create a shabby effect

- Use Distress Ink pad in Black Soot to darken the edges of the panel

- Use Distress Marker in Black Soot to create a drop shadow under all the butterflies and immediately smudge with finger to soften

- Spatter with black ink

- Use word dies to punch out the word 'beautiful' in the background

- Back the work cut-out with bright paper

- Stamp hand-carved butterfly on bright paper and again on shimmer paper

- Carefully cut out both butterflies

- Stamp just the antennae on the background

- Glue the shimmer paper butterfly to the background, aligning with the antennae

- Use wet glue to attach only the body of the bright butterfly to the shimmer layer

- Fold up the wings on the bright layer and then attach to the shimmer layer using a small bit of foam tape

Ready for the reveal?

You can see I once again made a display piece instead of a tag. I chose to make this one for use in the Spring.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 5:24 PM PST
Friday, 23 September 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - September
Topic: Multi-Technique

Well, I must say I started out to follow along with Tim Holtz's tag directions. But he went off on a specialty product that I did not have so I took my own tangent and finished up the project in my own way.

These are the tags that Tim combined for his tag:

And this is the tag he created:

So, here are the steps I used to create my project:

- Select a base cover stock to work on. I chose two so I could experiment with the shiny side and the matte side.

- Shake three Distress Paints and apply to craft sheet

- Shake three coordinating Lumiere paints and apply to craft sheet

- Mist heavily with water

- Swipe base cardstock through paint till covered (repeat with other card)

- Mist with more water to blend

- Dry with heat tool

- Ink over entire tag with various Distress inks using blending tools

- Flick water to activate top layer

- Stand on end to let water drip

- Dry with heat tool (blot excess for contrast)

- Trim matte piece to size and ink edges with walnut Distress Ink


- Use a small leaf stamp and Archival ink to make a 'second generation' stamped border around the edge

- On glossy piece, stamp realistic leaves using Archival ink

- Cut out leaves

- Use colored pencils to add a bit more color to leaves

- Use a scoring tool to score the major veins

- Bend leaves forward on the scores

- Use bone folder to gently curl the leaf tips back

- Use foam tape to mount leaves to matte base (foam under the raised areas and glue on the center vein and tips)

- Add sticker letters to form text

- Layer vellum over a dark cardstock and trim large enough to leave a border around the matte piece

- Mount matte piece to vellum

- Add gold peel-off corners and borders

- Display

Here is the artwork I created using these steps:

So, what did I skip? the use of a 'paper' called Yupo and a 'negative stamping' technique using alcohol inks. I've done this technique with transparency (long ago) but I don't have access to Yupo and didn't want to buy any just to try this.

I also skipped a technique for creating a patina on plastic letters. This is where I used sticker letters.

I'm happy with my 'tag' though.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 9:03 AM PDT
Updated: Friday, 23 September 2016 9:04 AM PDT
Wednesday, 3 August 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - August
Topic: Multi-Technique

Right on schedule, Tim posted his technique remix tag for August. And with only a little delay I created my own version.

Here are the techniques Tim combined:

And here is the tag he created using them:

This is another of those cases where I did not have the product to do a major part of this project, so I used a work-around. More about that later.

Here are the steps I used:

- Cut piece of manila cardstock to work on (I cut mine from an old file folder)

- Put out some Distress Stain on a non-stick craft sheet (I used a blue and a green)

- Very lightly, roll a brayer through the stain to cover it with droplets of color

- Quickly and lightly roll across the 'tag' in one direction

- Spritz with water to allow stain to blend a little. Dry with heat tool

- Apply some brown Distress Ink with a blending tool

- Flick on water to create droplets. Dry with heat tool

- Use distress tool to rough up all four edges

- Apply Distress Ink to roughed edges

- Select a piece of printed cardstock for the overlay

- Diecut a 'grid' (I did not have any grid dies so I used two sizes of round punches and created my own pattern of holes)

- Paint grid with light layer of Distress Paint

- Dry, sand and ink then divide into three pieces

- Adhere to three corners of the prepared 'tag'

- Use the diecut (punches in my case) to cut some other materials to inset into the holes in the grid

- Lay out and then adhere punches to some of the holes

- Diecut scrolls from black cardstock

- Adhere to tag

- Embellish design with words, stickers, labels, charms, etc. (In my case I used three chipboard bird stickers and some 'chit-chat' word stickers)

- I skipped the step of stitching along selected edges

- Spatter surface with black flecks

- Use Sharpie pen to add details (I outlined some of the chit-chat words and drew eyes on the birds)

- Cut base card and mount the decorated piece on it

Here is the card I created:

When I do these 'tags' I follow along with Tim and make step by step notes (like those above) with no sketches or photos. Then I take that cryptic list to the studio and start looking for products and supplies that I can use to get a similar effect.

After creating, I photo it and bring it back up to make these notes. That is the first time I have a side-by-side comparison of the end products.

So, there you go, another month complete.





Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 10:13 AM PDT
Friday, 1 July 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - July
Topic: Multi-Technique

I set a new record (for me) in the speed with which I completed one of the tags in Tim Holtz's series. I mean, he only posted it THIS MORNING!

Here is the tag he made:

and it is based on a remix of these two tags:

Here are the steps I used to create MY project:

- Stamp image on heavy watercolor paper using black archival ink

- Watercolor the image using the ink from Distress Markers

- Dry with heat tool

- Apply Microglaze to select areas that you want to resist color

- Apply a wash of Distress Ink over the surface

- Use heat gun to dry completely. This will melt the Microglaze away

- Spritz image with walnut ink

- Trim to size

- Use walnut Distress to ink the edges

- Cut a mounting piece at lease 1/4 inch larger all around

- Mark and cut a top and bottom slit for the stamped piece to slide behind.

- Ink edges of background piece with walnut Distress

- Ink edges of the sliced area with walnut Distress

- Place word die on the sliced area

- Cut word from background

- Cut a script word from dark cardstock

- Slide stamped piece into place behind cut strip of background

- Adhere stamped piece and background together securely

- Glue script word in place

- Prick holes for 5 brads across bottom. Install brads

- Add stickers to decorate (chit chat words, arrow, passport, photos)

- Adhere to front cover of a handmade book

Here is my finished piece:

Here's to finishing more projects in record time!




Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 8:10 PM PDT
Sunday, 5 June 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - June
Topic: Multi-Technique

Look how early in the month I am getting the June tag done!

As you recall, Tim Holtz creates a tag every month for inspiration using his products. Throughout 2016 he is combining two old tutorials to be his own inspiration.

This month he combined these two tags:

And this is the tag he created:

Of course, I never have the same supplies to work with (well, a few here and there) so I just wing it with similar things from my studio.

Here are the steps I used to create my piece:

- Stamp white tissue paper with black archival ink in overall background print (used second-generation stamping to lighten it)

- Crinkle and smooth tissue paper

- Cut piece of white mat board

- Tint matte medium with vintage photo Distress Stain

- Use matte medium to adhere tissue to mat board

- Dry with heat gun

- Wipe over surface with anti-static bag to reduce tackiness

- Cut shape into covered board using a craft knife

- On white fabric use mini-Distress ink pads to create a subtle plaid (I used hickory smoke and ground espresso in one direction and fossilized amber and cracked pistashio in the other)


- Mist very lightly and dry with heat tool

- Use Xyron to adhere fabric to white cardstock

- Use Xyron to adhere this base to back of the cut-out piece

- Outline inside of cut-out with black Distress marker

- Decorate front surface with rub-ons that look like stitching


- Use black Distress marker to draw drop-shadows under rub-ons

- Smudge with fingertip

- Ink edges of piece with walnut Distress ink

- Adhere a couple of 'chit chat' words

- Use black Distress marker to draw around the words

- Smudge with fingertip


- Use Black Distress marker to draw in a 'stand' for the cutout



And here is my finished piece:

This piece is about 4 1/2 x 8 (I say this from guestimates NOT measuring).


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 8:37 PM PDT
Sunday, 15 May 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - May (card 2)
Topic: Multi-Technique

Round 2 of the May 12 Tags of 2016 is up today. As a reminder, here are the tags Tim Holtzgot his techniques from:

And here is the tag he challenged us with using those techniques:

I didn't use all of the techniques Tim did as my stamps really didn't lend themselves to florals. But these are the steps I used on my project

- Select multiple stamps to use

- Apply tissue tape to selected areas where featured stamps will be used

- Stamp featured stamps over tissue tape using Archival black ink (I used fish)

- Stamp other images to cardstock as background (I used coral and seaweed)

- Use a palette knife to apply clear texture paste through a stencil in selected areas (I used medium dots)

- Let dry completely

- Colorize surface wiith Distress stains (go lightly)

- Mist with water to blend

- Dry completely

- Blend on Distress inks to highlight

- Buff to remove excess ink from tissue tape and stenciled areas

- Mask off tissue tape areas

- Spritz with gold metallic paint

- Trim to card size

- Border with black cardstock

- Mount on colored base card

Here is the bottom half of the finished piece that I used for the second card:

Now that I'm caught up with these challenges, we won't see another '12 Tags' project until June.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PDT
Saturday, 14 May 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - May
Topic: Multi-Technique

Yep, back with another in the 12 tags series. In this case I actually made a single piece and then cut it in two to make separate cards.

Here are the tags that Tim combined this month:

And here is the project he created with that combination:

These are the steps I used on my project

- Select multiple stamps to use

- Apply tissue tape to selected areas where featured stamps will be used

- Stamp featured stamps over tissue tape using Archival black ink (I used fish)

- Stamp other images to cardstock as background (I used coral and seaweed)

- Use a palette knife to apply clear texture paste through a stencil in selected areas (I used medium dots)

- Let dry completely

- Colorize surface wiith Distress stains (go lightly)

- Mist with water to blend

- Dry completely

- Blend on Distress inks to highlight

- Buff to remove excess ink from tissue tape and stenciled areas

- Mask off tissue tape areas

- Spritz with gold metallic paint

- Trim to card size

- Border with black cardstock

- Mount on colored base card

Here is the top of the finished piece that I used for the first card:

Tomorrow, I'll show the bottom half - also made into a card.





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Friday, 13 May 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - April
Topic: Multi-Technique

This is SO not a tag!

Tim Holtz works on tags to demonstrate his techniques but I rarely do. I mean, what do you do with a tag you've decorated? Tim recognizes that not everyone wants to work on tags but he is really just teaching technique ans encourages people to make the project their own.

Here are the two tags he selected to combine in April:

And the tag he made with these techniques:

Here are the steps I used to create my project:

- Selected a shaped container with a removable metal lid

- Stir some sand into a little modeling paste.

- Apply a layer to the top surface of the box with a palette knife. Smooth out

- Allow to dry completely

- Cut decorative papers into mosaic shapes with rounded corners

- Glue shapes to box top using matte medium, leaving a small space between shapes

- Top coat with matte medium

- Allow to dry completely

- Top each shape with Glossy Accents

- Allow to dry completely

- Sponge Distress ink to tint the 'grout'

- Buff the tiles to remove ink

- Use matte medium as glue to attach trim to sides of lid

- Coat trim with matte medium

- Allow to dry completely

- Sponge Distress ink on trim to tint

- Place lid back on the container and mark where the lid stops

- Remove lid

- Use Distress Paint on upper part of the box base (above the marked line)

- When dry, add printed cardstock to the area below the line using Xyron ahesive for good adhesion

- Allow to dry completely

- Use finger to cover paint and paper with Microglaze (to protect the box from grime)

- Buff off extra Microglaze with a paper towel

- Place lid on box and admire your work!

Ready for the big reveal?

See? REALLY not a tag!


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Thursday, 12 May 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - March
Topic: Multi-Technique

I'm kind of in 'catch-up' mode on these Tim Holtz-inspired projects. So, right on the heels of the February one, we're on to March.

Here are the two techniques that Tim mixed:

And this is the new tag he created with the techniques:

Here are the steps I used to create my card:

- Use a shaped die to cut a void in corrugated cardstock (I used a nativity on buff)

- Add white distress stain to surface. dry

- Add distress inks to shade

- Set aside

- On non-stick craft sheet, sponge three Distress paints

- Mist with water

- Swipe cardstock through it

- Dry with heat tool

- Tap into leftover paint on the craft sheet

- Dry again

- Use glue stick or tape runner to apply random glue (not much)

- Lay foil sheet over glue and burnish. Peel up to leave foiling

- Mount diecut corrugated piece over top

- Use alcohol marker to draw in drop shadows

- Trim bottom edge at 3/4 inch

- Use letter diecuts to cut phrase from scrap of background cardstock

- Back cutout letters with cardstock to match drop shadows

- Trim to width of corrugated piece

- Lay three pieces together and tape/tack together

- Use strong adhesive to mount combined pieces to folded card base.

And here is my finished card:

Thiis is a larger card as the size was dictated by the original diecut.



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Wednesday, 11 May 2016
12 Tags of 2016 - February
Topic: Multi-Technique

I am WAY behind on creating tags from Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of 2016. I finally created the project for February - in MAY! 

This year he reprises two old tag techniques he has done in past years and combines them into one tag.

Here are the two tags Tim combined for February:

And the tag he made combining techniques from these:

I will warn you that my project looks nothing like his!

Here are the steps I used to create my version:

- Cut down a piece of watercolor paper to card-front size

- Apply Distress Stains over entire surface (I used a teal, a green and a brown)

- Spritz with water

- Dry with heat tool

- Ink BACK of a stencil with three Distress Ink Pads (I used a stencil of birch trees)

- Spritz stencil with water

- Place on the stained watercolor paper

- Cover with paper towel and press to soak up extra moisture.

- Lift stencil

- Dry waterolor paper with heat tool

- Ink edges with walnut stain Distress Ink

- DRY with heat tool (I forgot this step and had some problems later down the line)

- Place another stencil on the surface and squeegee modeling paste through selected areas (I used a stencil of birdcages hanging from branches)

- Remove (and clean) stencil

- Sprinkle with gold embossing powder

- Let dry completely

- Heat emboss powder

- Add stamping to embellish (I used one large and many tiny birds)

- Add word stickers (I used some of Tim's Kraft stickers)

- Use Distress marker to create drop shadows on all elements

- Apply a metal charm using Glossy Accents as adhesive

- Add green Stickles to charm

- Trim if desired and add to a folded card base.

Here is the card I created:

I really like my version a LOT!


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