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Friday, 19 January 2018
Bible Journaling and Lettering - Shadowed Blocks
Topic: Bible Journaling

Five days of lettering lessons online have brought us again to a finished journaling page in the Bible. This week the focus word was 'light' and we learned a shadowed block style based on our own handwriting (printing).

Monday, we learned the basic technique:

Tuesday, we worked out out own alphabet based on the techniques learned on Monday. You'll note that the Monday page is done with a looser style and overlapping letters. For my alphabet reference page, I wanted the letters to be more consistent as they can always be edited to a more casual style when put into use. Instead, I used my alphabet to experiment with shadowing styles.

This block letter style uses shadowing only on one side, not on two ajacent which would show more 3D.

Wednesday, we used our lettering to write words having to do with light. I had an image come to me and used that to draw up a display piece.

On Thursday, I used the font to do my daily scripture writing lesson even though it did not contain the focus word. It did give me a lot of practice in overlapping the letters, though.

And, today (Friday) I have my finished journaling page in my Bible using the font.

Where the letter components crossed one another, I inserted little nails to hold them together!







Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 10:29 AM PST
Thursday, 18 January 2018
Bible Journaling Psalm 42:1
Topic: Bible Journaling

More often than not these days, my Bible journaling pages are assignments for the Lettering Lodge : use the font of the week on a verse that contains the word of the week.

However, every now and then, there is an image in my head or a verse that speaks to me that I want to illustrate in my Bible, outside of the constraints of someone else's 'vision'.

This was the case today when I wanted to use a deer that I had created as a step-by-step drawing lesson earlier in the week. I've always liked the chorus we've sung in church that is based on this verse in Psalms.

I put the two together, along with a font I shared when I taught the lesson called 'blessed'.

I colored, as usual, with Prismacolor pencils including tracing over the letters with a light-bright green so they did not get lost in the text.

Every time I look at this, I find myself singing... 

"As the deer panteth for the water
So my soul longeth after thee
You alone are my heart's desire
And I long to worship thee
You alone are my strength, my shield
To you alone may my spirit yield
You alone are my heart's desire
And I long to worship thee
You're my friend and you are my brother
Even though you are a king
I love you more than any other
So much more than anything
You alone are my strength, my shield
To you alone may my spirit yield
You alone are my heart's desire
And I long to worship you"



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 4:37 PM PST
Friday, 12 January 2018
Bible Journaling 'Great'
Topic: Bible Journaling

This week, in the Lettering Lodge, we worked with a modern faux-brush script and focused on the word 'great'.

That upper-case G was a real bear for me to get the hang of! You can easily see this from the initial sketches of the word I did on Monday.

As you can see, I made notes to myself on areas and methods for improvement.

I had more success with the full alphabet. This is a font presented in the book 'Hand Lettering For Relaxation' by Amy Latta.

There are some neat letter forms in this font.

On Wednesday, we practiced some of the doodles taught in the same book (circle flowers and twisted ribbons) while illustrating the lyrics of a song using the word 'great'.

I went up to a 8 x 10.5 sheet of dot grid paper rather than the little half sized sheets used the first two days.

On Thursday, I used a larger sheet of paper again and illustrated a scripture with the focus word.

I had fun decorating this one using doodle lines, colored pencil woodgrain, shading for dimension and a layout that just popped into my head when I read the scripture, John 3:30.

Friday is always the day we use the new font and focus word in our Bible.

I am pleased with how much better I am becoming at drawing hands.

Refernce for this is 1 John 3:1.







Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 9:45 PM PST
Monday, 8 January 2018
Casting Cares - Bbile Journaling
Topic: Bible Journaling

The first of the year I joined in two more threads of the Creative Bible Journaling Facebook site - Scripture Writing and a 365 devotional book. Both of them have had a focus so far on worry, anxiety and trust in God.

In wondering how to illustrate something like this I started by sketching a backpack "burden" and then added a stack of books next to it. I started thinking about things that people commonly worry about and one by one sketched them in: coffee (for social life), calendar, alarm clock (time), credit cards, overdue bill, and a bag of groceries (day-to-day necessities).

I traced it into my Bible using pencil and then inked it in. I erased the pencil before adding color.

I added the scripture reference using the font we are learning in the Lettering Lodge this week.



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 5:27 PM PST
Friday, 5 January 2018
We're Ba-a-a-a-k
Topic: Bible Journaling

After a week off between the holidays, the Lettering Lodge was back this week on the CBJ Facebook Group. GOOD, I was having withdrawl!

The font we used this week was titled 'NEW' and it features long triangles and dots alongside them. 

The first day, as usual, we just got the introduction to the font with the focus word.

On day two we saw and practiced the whole alphabet. This font has both upper- and lower-case letters. I chose to use just three dots per letter (unlike the samples) and made the dots on the upper-case larger than those on the lower-case. Just styling choices.

I refered back to the sample and included serifs on my letters and let intersections overlap.

You can't tell on my photo but the blue letters have green dots and the red letters have orange dots.

We were encouraged, on day three, to make a list of things we found in our Bibles that were described as 'new'. I turned mine into a statement and included the word 'news'.

For day four, we were to write out a scripture on paper using the word 'new'. I chose 2 Corinthians 5:17.

That is a LOT of dots! Just a little busy for my taste.

Because of the overwhelming number of dots AND the space this font takes up, I decided to combine it with a different font. This allows the emphasis to be pulled to only selected words.

I used Acts 10:36 as my reference.

I keyed off the triangular shape of the letters and crossing intersections to make the cross fit in with the featured font. I added some internal lines on the cross and used two colors to make it look 3D.

If I were to use much larger letters on a project, I might use this 3D effect on them. I think it would add a lot of interest. I would probably leave off the dots, in that case.




Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 4:18 PM PST
Thursday, 4 January 2018
Not Really Color-Coded
Topic: Bible Journaling

I've been using my journaling Bible as a study Bible lately and was getting frustrated skipping back and forth trying to find references.

I remembered that, in one of the Bible journaling books I had, there were tabs for the books of the Bible.

The way they are colored on the sticker sheet, if you place them on the pages with 6 tabs top to bottom, the whole thing makes a very delightful soft gradation of color.

these are the only stickers I have used from the book but I may use others on cards. Stickers in my Bible are 'not my thing.'



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 4:11 PM PST
Friday, 22 December 2017
Bible Journaling - Isaiah 9:6
Topic: Bible Journaling

The focus word for the Lettering Lodge in Creative Bible Journaling this week was 'son'.

On the first day, we learned another faux brush cursive font by lettering the words 'Son of God'.

I decided to try as much of the week as I could using actual brush markers as I am trying to learn that lettering style. I still followed the rules of doing it in pencil first, inking over that and then erasing the pencil.

On the second day, we learned the entire alphabet. I stayed with the brush markers, using red and green in keeping with the season.

The third lesson had us writing lyrics to a song that had the word 'son'. Again, I used the brush markers. I have a set of 8 markers from Prismacolor that I use for this.

I skipped the fourth lesson which was writing out a scripture. But, I did do the final lesson which was using the new font in our Bibles.

I didn't trust myself to do this directly in my Bible with the brush markers so I switched back to the faux brush lettering where you draw out all the letters, add a second line to the downstrokes and fill in the gap.

99% of the styling on this font is in the upper-case so it looks pretty standard when writing out mostly words in the lower-case. It does have a non-traditional r, s and i for a cursive font, though, which makes connecting the letters more challenging.

I chose Isaiah 9:6 to work on, in keeping with the Christmas season, and used an illustrative style I've been thinking about for several weeks. I originally wanted to do this on Christmas cards but don't have a creche stamp to use. I didn't want to draw it individually for cards but one drawing for the Bible was not too hard to do.

I have done this style with florals on cards before. Basically, you draw the whole illustration, mask out the center and shade in the sides. Then you take off the center mask and do the exposed illustration in full color. I went back and used a darker version of the shade color to shadow in the creche.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 4:38 PM PST
Friday, 15 December 2017
Singing For the Season
Topic: Bible Journaling

The font for this week was named 'contemporary versals' in the book by Joanne Fink, Complete Guide to Bible Journaling. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation and decoration so that makes it 'just my style'.

The group leader had us working with the theme word 'sing'.

Monday, we practiced just that word:

On Tuesday, we got to see the whole alphabet and practiced making doodles to decorate the letters. I added a few other embellishments to my page.

I spent so much time on Wednesday's homework that it extended into Thursday, too. I liked it so much that I believe I will have it turned into Christmas cards next year.

I spent most of my time on coloring (first with colored pencils), recoloring (added brush marker to letters and stars), smothing colors (used blender pencil then blender pen), correcting colors (added Distress Marker to all but letters and stars) and detailing in color (sky was not smooth enough so I added intentional swirls).

I think this is the first lettering piece that I have had enough foresight to make a copy of before coloring. In fact, I colored the copy so I have the original for future use.

On to Friday. That is the day we use the new font in our Bibles. I worked in 1 Chronicles 15:23 and combined the versals with some faux brush lettering.

I did only the set of music notes over the scripture I was quoting for illustration. The rest is all about the decorative lettering.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 8:43 PM PST
Friday, 8 December 2017
Lettering Lesson for Bible Journaling
Topic: Bible Journaling

This week it was my turn again to teach classes on lettering. I totally hacked a font I found online for this one.

Here is the lesson plan:


Monday, we start working with a new font. I hope you’ll like the one I chose this week. Not only is it freewheeling and forgiving, but you get to do all the improvising you want!

In the sample shown you’ll note that every letter has some squared-off pinwheels. I first did the word of the week where all the letters are a standard height.

Then I tried to work a little looser with a bit of variation in the letter height – not much, just a smidge.

Then I kept that looser styling but also let the letters fall a bit above or a bit below the baseline.

As you look between these three words, you’ll note that there are some variations in the actual letter forms. Remember, you get to improvise!

As always, draw your letters in pencil first, trace in pen and then erase the pencil lines.


Today, we’ll draw up the alphabet, both upper and lower case, in the new font using pencil first.

Although you’ll note that every single letter has a pinwheel somewhere, remember to make these letters your own. Have fun with this. You can see where I digitally edited the C so it did not look like an O, E or G!

Trace over your alphabet with ink and then erase the pencil.


For the Wednesday activity, use your new font to write some words relating to water. Try using both upper and lower case. Vary the slant and the baseline of the letters. This is called ‘bouncing’.

Remember to draw in pencil, trace in ink and then erase the pencil.

When you’ve written the words, use your pen to thicken the main parts of the letter forms by scribbling over them (not over the pinwheel areas). Your letters should look solid with rough edges, not smooth.


When it's Thursday, we select a scripture with the focus word in it and use new font to write it out on paper. So let's go find a scripture with a 'water feature! (I do a keyword search in www.biblegateway.com to find verses. They let you choose the Bible translation you want.)

Bounce your lettering up and down from the baseline and improvise your letters a bit. You can see that some of my lowercase ‘t’s have the curl going up and some down. Scribble-thicken the main letter forms.

As always, draw in pencil, trace in ink and erase the pencil.


It’s Friday and today we take the font to our Bibles.

Select a scripture to journal that has ‘water’ in it.  Letter in pencil, add ink and erase the pencil. Also, do this for any illustration you might wish to add to the page BEFORE you add color. Color can lock the pencil lead to the page so it cannot be erased and it may show in the background behind your beautiful colors.

I did my work on John 4:14. I got the idea for my illustration from a blog called Doodle 101 at https://1arthouse.blog/doodles-101/. She makes drawing SO simple!


When I was a freshman in college (1972), I was taking an art class in the Home Econ department as a pre-requisite to all the future classes that would use basic design skills (fabric design, interior design, clothing design, etc.) At one point, when we were in the midst of learning lettering styles with pen and ink, the instructor was called out of town for a week and left me in charge of the classes to teach lettering. Seems that I had a firm grasp of the knowledge and skills needed. Who knew that so many years later, I would find myself teaching lettering again?



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 4:27 PM PST
Saturday, 25 November 2017
Bible Journaling - Romans 8:1-2
Topic: Bible Journaling

This week I again followed along in the Letterintg Lodge on the Facebook group for Creative Bible Journaling.

The font this week was a serif print while the focus word was 'Jesus'.

Monday - assignment was to practice the new font with the focus word:

Tuesday - assignment was to learn the whole alphabet in the new font.

Wednesday - assignment was to use the font to write various names from the Bible for Jesus. I did that first. Then I decorated the edges. Then I used pencil to draw the name in large script. I traced it in pen, stopping just short of lettering and decorations and filled it in the same way.

I skipped the Thursday assignment to write out a scripture on plain paper.

Friday - assignment was to use the font in our Bibles on a scripture with the name Jesus. 

I didn't get around to doing the assignment till Saturday, though.

I selected Romans 8:1-2 for my scripture and made a drawing to illustrate it.

All work in Prismacolor Premier 005 Fine Line Marker and Prismacolor Colored Pencils.



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 3:01 PM PST
Friday, 17 November 2017
Bible Journaling to Remember
Topic: Bible Journaling

I taught a 5-day tutorial on lettering for Bible journaling this week on a Facebook site I belong to (Creative Bbile Journaling). Here are the lessons day-by-day:


Welcome everyone! Here in the lettering Lodge we are learning new fonts, practicing lettering in them, and using them in our Bibles.

Monday’s lesson is always the introduction of a new font paired with a ‘theme word’ for the week. This week the word is ‘remember’ although you can use any form of the word (remembered, remembering, remembrance).

When we are lettering we use a few skills to help break away from our own natural handwriting. Work in pencil first, ‘drawing’ the letters instead of just writing them. Then trace your finished work in ink and erase the pencil lines.

You can work on lined notebook paper, graph paper, dot paper or blank paper on which you have penciled in some guidelines for yourself. There is also a lined practice paper available for you to use if you like at http://creative-bible-journaling.com/wp-content/uploads/lined-PAPER-pg.jpg

So, without further ado, here is the new font. Note that I added some important tips and things to watch for in notations at the bottom of the page. Basically, for this font, anywhere you would normally create a loop in the letter or retrace the path of a stroke, it becomes a side-by-side double stroke with a tight bend at the turn. See examples for the letters ‘a’ and ‘b’ in the photo.

Practice writing out this word on your selected paper and share your work back here in a ‘comment’.


On Tuesdays we get to see the entire alphabet in uppercase and lowercase (whenever both are available).

For this font, study and practice common elements until you are comfortable with them before tackling the letter-by-letter. For instance, the beginning ‘tick’ on the B, D, M, N, P, R – the opening ‘swoop’ on F, M, I, J, K – the common ‘loop’ on V, W, X, Z. Then note the things that make particular letters unique like the split crossbar on the ‘t’ and the direction the ‘Q’ is drawn.

Work on making those side-by-side widths consistent by practicing on a long row of up-down-up-down lines. This helps to get the width, the turn and the spacing into muscle memory.

GOOD NEWS! Everyone can draw the ‘O’ and the ‘o’ on the first try. See, you’ve already mastered one letter of this font! LOL!

Finally, working in pencil, draw out your alphabet, trace in pen and erase the pencil lines. Then share your work back here in a ‘comment’.


On Wednesdays the lessons vary week to week. Today we are going to practice the new font by writing words that are methods by which people remember things. Choose from current day and/or biblical times.

Part of the challenge of this assignment is figuring out the best way to connect letters in various combinations. The lead-in or lead-out on a letter may end up being different than in your written alphabet, depending on the letter that precedes or follows it.

Again, work in pencil to write your practice words, trace in ink and erase the pencil lines. Then, share your work back here in a ‘comment’.


For the lesson on Thursdays we select a scripture with the ‘theme word’ in it (In www.biblegateway.com there are 235 verses with versions of it!) and write it out in the new font on paper.

We usually try to do this on a plain paper on which we’ve drawn guidelines for ourselves in pencil. I did mine on dot paper, just because I like the way it looks!

As we’ve been doing all week, draw the scripture in pencil, trace in pen and erase the pencil – including your guidelines.

If you wish, you can add embellishments to your page.

Share your work in the comments. We love to see your work!


Friday is the day we take the new font to our Bibles. Select a scripture that uses the theme word in any form (remember, remembered, remembers, remembrance) and journal it into your Bible.

You can leave your page with just the lettering or decorate the page as you wish. I chose to draw in non-bleeding pen and use colored pencils to complete the illustration.

Be sure you draw everything (lettering and artwork) in pencil, trace in pen and erase pencil BEFORE you do any coloring that might seal the pencil to the page and make it non-removable.

Thanks for joining me again for a lettering lesson.



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 1:59 PM PST
Friday, 10 November 2017
Bible Journaling - Psalm 139:1
Topic: Bible Journaling

The lettering word for this week was 'give' and we learned another cursive font, this time with lots of swoops on the uppercase letters.

Day 1 - Draw out the word 'give' and practice thickening the downstrokes.

Day 2 - Practice writing out the whole alphabet in uppercase and lowercase.

Then we also practiced the alphabet with thickened downstrokes.

Day 3 - practice the new font by writing out words you associate with 'give'. Use some decorative elements.

For the thickened downstrokes I only filled them with hashmarks.

Day 4 - Use the new font to write out a 'give' scripture in a notebook or journal or on paper. I used Matthew 11:28.


Day 5 - Use the new font to journal a 'give' scripture in your Bible. I went with Psalm 139:1.

I used the assigned font mixed with some others. As you can see, I gave up on the 'backwards' letter 'o' and substituted a more conventional one.

I decorated my page with fall elements (leaves, nuts and berries) based on a journaling page that came up on Pinterest when I put in the scripture reference.

Next week I will be the one teaching the lettering lesson.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 9:52 PM PST
Tuesday, 7 November 2017
Bible Journaling Tutorial With Lettering and Drawing Lessons
Topic: Bible Journaling

I taught another Lettering Lesson series October 23-27 and in the process I totally forgot to post about it here! Very belatedly.....


The font we will be working with this week is single case, meaning there is no uppercase or lowercase. It is all mixed together. This makes it a very casual font.

It is easiest to see the letter height roughly divided in thirds. Nothing happens on the midline at all. All the shaping takes place inside the top third or bottom third.

Also, note how the letter bubbles (b and d) are kind of egg-shaped. I think they look like deflated party balloons!

Remember to ‘draw’ your letters rather than ‘writing’ them. This helps us break away from our natural handwriting. Draw the word in pencil several times. Leave the first one in pencil and trace all the rest in ink. Play with the last two, adding shadow lines and shading as noted (in pencil first). Erase pencil lines from the third one on down.



In writing out this alphabet you’ll note that all letters are the same height. There are no ascenders or descenders.

Draw three alphabets in pencil. Add shadow lines to one long side of each letter in the second alphabet and thickened lines to the third alphabet. You’ll note the numerals (at the bottom) follow the same shaping rules as the alphabet.

In practical use, if you wanted to have ‘capital letters’ you could 1) make the caps taller than the rest of the text or 2) use shadow lines or thickened lines just on the capitals or 3) do both!



Here are some ideas for embellishing your letters with big hearts (A, B, D, G, P, Q) – Little hearts on the double-lined letters – Musical notes (B, D, P, Q) – Botanicals (A, B, D, E, G, I, J, O, P, Q). These will only be useful if the lettering you aree doing includes the letters that are embellished (except for the tiny hearts).




On a page in your journal or notebook, using any style of the font and embellishments (if you choose), write out a list of your blessings. Use these to practice some of yesterday’s suggestions for making faux capital letters in some text.

****As a bonus, I have a fun and easy drawing lesson for you! Just follow along with the notes on the drawings below (two postings because we only get to put one photo per post)

As with the lettering, practice in pencil first, trace in ink, erase the pencil.



Today, in your notebook or journal, write out a verse about being blessed, using any one of the styles in the lettering. Don’t forget to write out in pencil first, ink the letters, erase the pencil. I used the shadow-line letters for mine and did not worry about using anything to denote capital letters.

Again, working in pencil, add some roses and trace using colored ink (I used Sigma Micron). As you trace the roses in ink, stop just shy of the letters so the flowers recede to the background.

Here is Proverb 8:32 (NIV) – “Blessed are those who keep my ways.”



For Friday’s work, combine the ‘blessing’ font in any style with the roses in colored ink, working in your Bible on a verse about blessings. The Sigma Micron pens I used do not bleed through the Bible pages.

TIP: When I want my lettering to line up along the right-hand margin, I actually pencil in the letters right to left to get the correct spacing. I still ink it left to right, though, so I don’t smear it with my hand as I go.

I used colored pencils to color in three shades of pink/red in the various open spaces of the flower drawings. Then I used a dark burgundy and added shading at the inner edge of each section to give dimension to the ‘petals’. I added dark yellow to my shadow lines in the letters.

This is Psalm 128:1 (NIV) – “Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to him.”


Sorry about the delay in posting.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 2:12 PM PST
Friday, 3 November 2017
Bible Journaling - Psalm 119:11
Topic: Bible Journaling

Another week - another font!

I am much happier working with fonts that are precise than those that are loose and interpretive, but this week the assigned font was the latter. He were working with the word 'heart' throughout the lessons.

Monday --

We learned the basic letters needed for the focus word and wrote them out with slight variations (some of that interpretive stuff).

Tuesday --

I was less than thrilled with the whole alphabet.

So I added thickening lines with a ribbon twist. I left them open so I could review the line structure when I used them on a project and then select whether to leave them open, fill with the base color or fill with an accent color.

Wednesday --

We worked on loosening up the letter forms by shaping the word to fit inside a heart. One has to adjust the length of legs, the tilt of a letter cap and make some letters smaller then others to nestle them.

We practiced making border frames as well to create a finished piece.

I colored mine with highlighters. (Sorry about the photo quality. It was taken at night by lamp light)

Thursday --

When writing out a scripture on a journal page, I really worked on making the words flow across the area and adjusting some letter heights for interest.

I used that 'word in a heart' motif again but did a solid blackfill instead of color.

Friday --

I kept selecting verses to journal that had the word 'heart' in them but found that the page I needed was already journaled on or the adjacent page was done. I suppose that will be happening more and more.

I finally settled on Psalm 119:11.

I drew a padlock and key from imagination and colored them with metallic colored pencils in silver and gold.

I managed to get my lettering to look loose and carefree without being sloppy and filled the ribbon portion of the letters with gold gel pen.

Here you can get a better look at the effect of the metallic pencils and gel pen.

I am liking that gold gel pen!


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:55 PM PDT
Sunday, 29 October 2017
Bible Journaling - Lord's Prayer
Topic: Bible Journaling

When we toured the Getty Museum in L.A. recently I was inspired by the illuminated manuscripts and the hand-written codexes and prayer books. I took photos of many of them. SO beautiful.

Then I ran across a font that intrigued me and I set out to develop my own set of letters based on this. Here is the font I found:

I liked that the letter forms are informal so not difficult to draw. I wrote notes to myself outlining what would become my process.

Here are those steps along the way:

As you can see, I developed my alphabet with different flowers in the background. As they are used for a project the flowers from one can be substituted into another.

So, then I went looking for a font that could be used for the text and settled on this one. I simplified some of the lines so it could be written smaller and remain readable.

The result is this page in Matthew:

I used a thicker pen for the text as it suits the style in the illuminated manuscripts I looked at.

For the framed letters I colored the flowers red, leaves and stems green, checked background in blue/brown/purple, and used gold gel pen on the letter, the frames and the fleur-de-lis.

On those larger letters that match with the illuminated letters, I drew a thin shadow line on the right and filled with red pen.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 5:24 PM PDT
Sunday, 22 October 2017
Bible Journaling - Luke 10:2
Topic: Bible Journaling

Our lettering lessons this week were focused on the work 'harvest'. The font was more casual in nature and we were encouraged to add little loops and stems in keeping with the theme. I even made the lies wiggly and doubled them to look more like vines.

Since I liked the look of vine lettering, I kept at it as I wrote out the alphabet on day two.

On day three we wrote words we associated with harvest and did a little pumpkin illustration. I used my colored pencils on my page.

When we wrote out a scripture on day four, I chose Matthew 9:37. I also switched from pumpkins to wheat for the illustration and colored the lettering with a rainbow of hues.

My day five was going to be the same scripture reference but when I opened my Bible I had already done work on that page - although with a different scripture. So I skipped over to Luke 10:2 which is essentially the same thoughts.

The colors ended up being duller than I had wanted but I did manage a whole cornucopia, including both the pumpkin and wheat plus acorns, Indian corn, grapes, apples and a gourd.









Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 5:12 PM PDT
Friday, 13 October 2017
Lettering Tutorial and Bible Journaling
Topic: Bible Journaling

It really frustrates me that I can only apply ONE topic to blog entries. If I had my way, I would tag this one 'Bible Journaling', 'Lettering' and 'Tutorials' because it is really all three. I had to choose what I might want people to search for in order to find it.

This week I have been the Guest Host on the Creative Bible Journaling Facebook group in their Lettering Lodge. This is the same place I have been getting my Bible lettering inspiration from lately.

The font I am teaching is the new one I designed a few weeks ago. As soon as this is posted, I will go back and delete the original entry as the samples for it were poorly executed and the photography was bad, as well.

So here goes:


DAY 1 - Good Morning! I'm your Guest Host in the Lettering Lodge this week.

We're going to be working on a new font I named 'Gather Round' because it is ALL about the circles! And the word we will focus on this week is 'Trust'.

This font takes some prep work to make sure the letter shapes are correct and consistent.

First, you will establish your letter height with penciled lines – one for the base and one for the top. Then add a dashed ascender line half a letter space above the top, a dashed descender line half a space below the base and a midline in the center. You will have a total of five lines.

Practice making perfectly round circles in pencil between the base and top lines. For this step, draw lightly and circle loosely, round and round until the shape takes form. Make whole rows of them. This is a crucial step because EVERY LETTER in this alphabet is traced in-part on the outline of that circle.

When you’ve got a good row of 5 circles, go back with pencil and trace the parts of the circle that form the lowercase letters. Add extension lines as needed to complete the form.

NOTE: the uppercase letters are all based on two circles stacked on top of one another.

Trace your formed letters in ink and then erase all your guidelines, circles and penciled letters.

Here is a step-by-step sample sheet:

DAY 2 - Today we are going to learn the letter shapes for both the lowercase and uppercase alphabets in the font we started yesterday. The guide pages attached show the step-by-step with letters that share the same characteristics grouped together (o through q, c and e, r though m, etc)

Note that some letters use TWO circles. These may be side by side or they may be stacked and overlapped.

When you have completed the sheet, erase all the pencil lines FOR THE LAST, FULLY FORMED LETTER ONLY.

This first picture is the instruction sheet for lowercase.

If you want to print practice sheets they are available in PDF form at http://mystudio3d.com/practicesheets.pdf

Now you can go on to the uppercase letters. Note that every letter is based on TWO stacked circles. Again, some letters will be double-wide as well.

The guide page attached shows the step-by-step, grouping the letters that share the same characteristics. Since these are different in the uppercase than in the lowercase the letter order is different here than on the last sheet.

When you have completed the sheet, erase all the pencil lines FOR THE LAST, FULLY FORMED LETTER ONLY.

Again, if you want to print practice sheets they are available in PDF form at http://mystudio3d.com/practicesheets.pdf (all the sheets are combined there so printing one set will give you all the pages you need)

Now you should prepare a new practice sheet and draw all your alphabet in the correct order by referring to your instruction pages for correct letter forms.

Leave the first set of guide circles in place for reference but, when you have completed the sheet, erase all the pencil lines FOR THE LAST, FULLY FORMED SET OF LETTERS ONLY.

There is a sheet for this in the practice pages as well at http://mystudio3d.com/practicesheets.pdf

DAY 3 - Lettering lessons so far have been kind of regimented so now we are going to play!

First, let’s practice making banners to contain words or phrases. There is a great set of banner lessons at https://www.thepigeonletters.com/single-post/2016/08/11/6-Step-by-Step-Banners

Then we’ll practice overlapping your letters slightly. This comes in handy when a l-o-n-g word must fit in a smaller space. There are hints for this in the notes on the page.

Finally, play with Drop Caps. In our case, the letter height of the capitol letter stays the same but the descender line becomes the base for it.

DAY 4 - Next, your assignment is to write a scripture with the word ‘trust’ using the new font and some play-day features. We’re using paper or a journal page for this exercise. We’ll be in the Bible tomorrow.

I worked on scrapbook paper with Jeremiah 17:7 (NIV) – “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.”

(Do you know, this font was a gift of God just a few weeks ago. As I sat listening to the choir one Sunday, some of the forms came to me and I turned to the back of my notebook and just wrote out the whole lowercase alphabet. Then I actually took my sermon notes with it – not as fast as my usual scribbled notes but I got down all the key phrases!)

DAY 5 - The final homework is to work in your Bible on a ‘trust’ scripture using the new font.

The reference I used is Proverbs 3:5 (NIV) – “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

From the ‘play day’ lesson, I used the space-saving overlapping letters as well as banners. I also practiced colored pencil blending. I have been using the cross in my illustrations in the Old Testament a lot lately. After all, the whole of scripture is pointing toward Christ so that really makes me want to tie it all together in my ‘word pictures’.

***It was a privilege to prepare lessons for the Lettering Lodge this week. All those who played along did a wonderful job. God bless you all!***


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Sunday, 8 October 2017
Bible Journaling - Psalm 27:1
Topic: Bible Journaling

On assignment to journal the scripture Psalm 27:1, I wanted to focus on salvation as the theme. Even though the scripture was written before Jesus walked the earth and died on the cross, the gospel is really just ONE STORY that all points to Him.

I went looking on Pinterest for 'stained glass window cross' and found two that were free line drawings. I combined the two drawings and added some elements like the 3D lines on the cross.

Then I used several colored images for reference in making the window come to life.

I used a much thicker pen on this one so it would look more like the leading on stained glass.



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Bible Journaling - Genesis 9:13-16
Topic: Bible Journaling

We had a challenge on the Bible journaling group I belong to, to use colored pencil blending and highlighting on a Bible page. My mind immedaitely skipped to rainbows so I turned to Genesis 9.

I think the thing that struck e in meditating on these verses as I was doing the artwork was that God did not put the rainbow in the sky to remind US of his covenant (to never flood the entire earth again) but he says: When I bring clouds over the earth and  the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you.

Even though the rainbow obviously does not have dividing lines between the various colors, I drew them in with my pen to keep the illustration in the same style as my other work in this Bible.

I did color and blend across the lines, though, then I followed up by blending the colors even more with a Prismacolor colorless blender pencil.

I left uncolored the word 'rainbow' the three times it appeared in these verses and then went back to fill them in with a contrasting color.

In the lettering, I only wroteout verse 13. I gave special attention to the word 'rainbow' and colored it with blended pencils in the same colors as the main illustration.

I added a little drawing of the dove coming back to the ark with an olive branch.



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Friday, 6 October 2017
Bible Journaling - Psalm 19:9-10
Topic: Bible Journaling

Sweeter than honey - that perfectly describes the font we used this week for journaling.

We started out on Monday with the assigned word:

You can see that I,once again, struggled to keep this as an upright font. We were asked to note that on a letter like the lowercase N the upstroke separates and leans away from the leading downstroke. The caps have a bit of curve.

On Tuesday we learned the full alphabet:

Again with the leaning letters! I did do better with the upstokes pulling away.

Wednesdays lesson got us to playing with applying color with bubble wrap! I used three colors of Distress Inks and applied my color to three different backgrounds. After lettering on them, I added bee stickers and made them into card fronts.

On the last background I changed to a honeycomb lettering style I found on Pinterest. I then drew a little beehive. All three cards have accents added with gold gel pen.

On Thursday used the new font to write a scripture. I had some hexagon embossed cardstock a friend had sent in a swap and I used a Distress Ink pad to sweep over it to add color. I then used a brown Sigma Micron pen to do my lettering and added thickened lines with a Prismacolor brush marker.

I went back and traced the thin lines and both sides of the thick lines in black before adding a peel-off bee sticker in brown. I made this one into a card as well.

As usual, our Friday assignment was to use the new font in our Bible. I chose excerpts from Psalm 19:9-10.

I used the font in a very straightforward manner  and even made it stand upright as it was designed to do! I found pictires of honey dippers on Pinterest and drew mine onto the page with Sigma Micron 01 black pen. I used double lines on most of it to camoflage wobbles in the long lines. 

Coloring was done with Prisacolor pencils with accents of white gel pen.

When I was writing in the reference, I accidentally wrote 'Proverbs' instead of 'Psalms'. To fix this I used the Sigma Micron pen to color over the whole reference in a solid block. Then I wrote in the correct one using white gel pen. When it was dry, I used colored pencil to make the white pen cream colored to match the page. Crisis averted.

Next week I am teaching the font we will use (online). The lessons will get posted here on Friday.







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