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Sunday, 22 October 2017
Bible Journaling - Luke 10:2
Topic: Bible Journaling

Our lettering lessons this week were focused on the work 'harvest'. The font was more casual in nature and we were encouraged to add little loops and stems in keeping with the theme. I even made the lies wiggly and doubled them to look more like vines.

Since I liked the look of vine lettering, I kept at it as I wrote out the alphabet on day two.

On day three we wrote words we associated with harvest and did a little pumpkin illustration. I used my colored pencils on my page.

When we wrote out a scripture on day four, I chose Matthew 9:37. I also switched from pumpkins to wheat for the illustration and colored the lettering with a rainbow of hues.

My day five was going to be the same scripture reference but when I opened my Bible I had already done work on that page - although with a different scripture. So I skipped over to Luke 10:2 which is essentially the same thoughts.

The colors ended up being duller than I had wanted but I did manage a whole cornucopia, including both the pumpkin and wheat plus acorns, Indian corn, grapes, apples and a gourd.









Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 5:12 PM PDT
Friday, 13 October 2017
Lettering Tutorial and Bible Journaling
Topic: Bible Journaling

It really frustrates me that I can only apply ONE topic to blog entries. If I had my way, I would tag this one 'Bible Journaling', 'Lettering' and 'Tutorials' because it is really all three. I had to choose what I might want people to search for in order to find it.

This week I have been the Guest Host on the Creative Bible Journaling Facebook group in their Lettering Lodge. This is the same place I have been getting my Bible lettering inspiration from lately.

The font I am teaching is the new one I designed a few weeks ago. As soon as this is posted, I will go back and delete the original entry as the samples for it were poorly executed and the photography was bad, as well.

So here goes:


DAY 1 - Good Morning! I'm your Guest Host in the Lettering Lodge this week.

We're going to be working on a new font I named 'Gather Round' because it is ALL about the circles! And the word we will focus on this week is 'Trust'.

This font takes some prep work to make sure the letter shapes are correct and consistent.

First, you will establish your letter height with penciled lines – one for the base and one for the top. Then add a dashed ascender line half a letter space above the top, a dashed descender line half a space below the base and a midline in the center. You will have a total of five lines.

Practice making perfectly round circles in pencil between the base and top lines. For this step, draw lightly and circle loosely, round and round until the shape takes form. Make whole rows of them. This is a crucial step because EVERY LETTER in this alphabet is traced in-part on the outline of that circle.

When you’ve got a good row of 5 circles, go back with pencil and trace the parts of the circle that form the lowercase letters. Add extension lines as needed to complete the form.

NOTE: the uppercase letters are all based on two circles stacked on top of one another.

Trace your formed letters in ink and then erase all your guidelines, circles and penciled letters.

Here is a step-by-step sample sheet:

DAY 2 - Today we are going to learn the letter shapes for both the lowercase and uppercase alphabets in the font we started yesterday. The guide pages attached show the step-by-step with letters that share the same characteristics grouped together (o through q, c and e, r though m, etc)

Note that some letters use TWO circles. These may be side by side or they may be stacked and overlapped.

When you have completed the sheet, erase all the pencil lines FOR THE LAST, FULLY FORMED LETTER ONLY.

This first picture is the instruction sheet for lowercase.

If you want to print practice sheets they are available in PDF form at http://mystudio3d.com/practicesheets.pdf

Now you can go on to the uppercase letters. Note that every letter is based on TWO stacked circles. Again, some letters will be double-wide as well.

The guide page attached shows the step-by-step, grouping the letters that share the same characteristics. Since these are different in the uppercase than in the lowercase the letter order is different here than on the last sheet.

When you have completed the sheet, erase all the pencil lines FOR THE LAST, FULLY FORMED LETTER ONLY.

Again, if you want to print practice sheets they are available in PDF form at http://mystudio3d.com/practicesheets.pdf (all the sheets are combined there so printing one set will give you all the pages you need)

Now you should prepare a new practice sheet and draw all your alphabet in the correct order by referring to your instruction pages for correct letter forms.

Leave the first set of guide circles in place for reference but, when you have completed the sheet, erase all the pencil lines FOR THE LAST, FULLY FORMED SET OF LETTERS ONLY.

There is a sheet for this in the practice pages as well at http://mystudio3d.com/practicesheets.pdf

DAY 3 - Lettering lessons so far have been kind of regimented so now we are going to play!

First, let’s practice making banners to contain words or phrases. There is a great set of banner lessons at https://www.thepigeonletters.com/single-post/2016/08/11/6-Step-by-Step-Banners

Then we’ll practice overlapping your letters slightly. This comes in handy when a l-o-n-g word must fit in a smaller space. There are hints for this in the notes on the page.

Finally, play with Drop Caps. In our case, the letter height of the capitol letter stays the same but the descender line becomes the base for it.

DAY 4 - Next, your assignment is to write a scripture with the word ‘trust’ using the new font and some play-day features. We’re using paper or a journal page for this exercise. We’ll be in the Bible tomorrow.

I worked on scrapbook paper with Jeremiah 17:7 (NIV) – “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.”

(Do you know, this font was a gift of God just a few weeks ago. As I sat listening to the choir one Sunday, some of the forms came to me and I turned to the back of my notebook and just wrote out the whole lowercase alphabet. Then I actually took my sermon notes with it – not as fast as my usual scribbled notes but I got down all the key phrases!)

DAY 5 - The final homework is to work in your Bible on a ‘trust’ scripture using the new font.

The reference I used is Proverbs 3:5 (NIV) – “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

From the ‘play day’ lesson, I used the space-saving overlapping letters as well as banners. I also practiced colored pencil blending. I have been using the cross in my illustrations in the Old Testament a lot lately. After all, the whole of scripture is pointing toward Christ so that really makes me want to tie it all together in my ‘word pictures’.

***It was a privilege to prepare lessons for the Lettering Lodge this week. All those who played along did a wonderful job. God bless you all!***


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 7:26 AM PDT
Sunday, 8 October 2017
Bible Journaling - Psalm 27:1
Topic: Bible Journaling

On assignment to journal the scripture Psalm 27:1, I wanted to focus on salvation as the theme. Even though the scripture was written before Jesus walked the earth and died on the cross, the gospel is really just ONE STORY that all points to Him.

I went looking on Pinterest for 'stained glass window cross' and found two that were free line drawings. I combined the two drawings and added some elements like the 3D lines on the cross.

Then I used several colored images for reference in making the window come to life.

I used a much thicker pen on this one so it would look more like the leading on stained glass.



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 6:31 PM PDT
Bible Journaling - Genesis 9:13-16
Topic: Bible Journaling

We had a challenge on the Bible journaling group I belong to, to use colored pencil blending and highlighting on a Bible page. My mind immedaitely skipped to rainbows so I turned to Genesis 9.

I think the thing that struck e in meditating on these verses as I was doing the artwork was that God did not put the rainbow in the sky to remind US of his covenant (to never flood the entire earth again) but he says: When I bring clouds over the earth and  the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you.

Even though the rainbow obviously does not have dividing lines between the various colors, I drew them in with my pen to keep the illustration in the same style as my other work in this Bible.

I did color and blend across the lines, though, then I followed up by blending the colors even more with a Prismacolor colorless blender pencil.

I left uncolored the word 'rainbow' the three times it appeared in these verses and then went back to fill them in with a contrasting color.

In the lettering, I only wroteout verse 13. I gave special attention to the word 'rainbow' and colored it with blended pencils in the same colors as the main illustration.

I added a little drawing of the dove coming back to the ark with an olive branch.



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 6:22 PM PDT
Friday, 6 October 2017
Bible Journaling - Psalm 19:9-10
Topic: Bible Journaling

Sweeter than honey - that perfectly describes the font we used this week for journaling.

We started out on Monday with the assigned word:

You can see that I,once again, struggled to keep this as an upright font. We were asked to note that on a letter like the lowercase N the upstroke separates and leans away from the leading downstroke. The caps have a bit of curve.

On Tuesday we learned the full alphabet:

Again with the leaning letters! I did do better with the upstokes pulling away.

Wednesdays lesson got us to playing with applying color with bubble wrap! I used three colors of Distress Inks and applied my color to three different backgrounds. After lettering on them, I added bee stickers and made them into card fronts.

On the last background I changed to a honeycomb lettering style I found on Pinterest. I then drew a little beehive. All three cards have accents added with gold gel pen.

On Thursday used the new font to write a scripture. I had some hexagon embossed cardstock a friend had sent in a swap and I used a Distress Ink pad to sweep over it to add color. I then used a brown Sigma Micron pen to do my lettering and added thickened lines with a Prismacolor brush marker.

I went back and traced the thin lines and both sides of the thick lines in black before adding a peel-off bee sticker in brown. I made this one into a card as well.

As usual, our Friday assignment was to use the new font in our Bible. I chose excerpts from Psalm 19:9-10.

I used the font in a very straightforward manner  and even made it stand upright as it was designed to do! I found pictires of honey dippers on Pinterest and drew mine onto the page with Sigma Micron 01 black pen. I used double lines on most of it to camoflage wobbles in the long lines. 

Coloring was done with Prisacolor pencils with accents of white gel pen.

When I was writing in the reference, I accidentally wrote 'Proverbs' instead of 'Psalms'. To fix this I used the Sigma Micron pen to color over the whole reference in a solid block. Then I wrote in the correct one using white gel pen. When it was dry, I used colored pencil to make the white pen cream colored to match the page. Crisis averted.

Next week I am teaching the font we will use (online). The lessons will get posted here on Friday.







Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 10:42 AM PDT
Friday, 29 September 2017
Bible Journaling - Revelation 5:12
Topic: Bible Journaling

Combining a couple of favorite things (lettering and drawing) into the artform called Bible journaling makes me happy. Digging into the Bible to find just the right scripture to suit a theme is time well spent and I always find something good to meditate on.

This past week, the online group was working on a tall font based on ovals. It makes a space-saving font that can be made to look casual or elegant, depending on how it's used.

I started on Monday with the assigned word in the font:

Note how the lowercase shoulders come half a space above the midline?

Tuesday we tackled the whole alphabet:

Here, you can see, I narrowed the width of the letters to make them more oval.

Wednesday, we were challenged to write out a verse of a hymn with the work 'lamb' in it and to draw an image of a lamb. I decided to write out the entire song I wrote in 2009 and drew a lamb from a photograph I found on the internet.

I had to make my own lined paper in Word to get the size and spacing right for the number of lines I had. I then wrote out the whole thing in pencil on that lined paper and then used the lightpad to trace it onto a clean sheet of paper using a fine-line marker.

I traced my sketched lamb on the page in fine-line marker and used colored pencils to finish it.

On Thursday, we did our usual activity of writing a scripture on paper using the font. I wrote mine up and then did some pen-work to give it the look of an invitation.

Today (Friday) we took the new font to our Bible, selecting a scripture that used the work 'lamb'.

I liked the lamb I had drawn on Wednesday so decided to include that on my page. When I was originally looking for pictures of lambs I saw several that showed the wounded lamb and included a cross. I decided to add these as well as a crown and banner (purple for royalty).

All coloring with Prismacolor pencils.





Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 2:53 PM PDT
Friday, 22 September 2017
Bible Journaling - Matthew 12:21
Topic: Bible Journaling

New font practice included writing out the alphabet:

...then I went directly to a scripture:

This wa a 'natural' font for me to draw - a lot like my natural printing style.

I designed a pair of hands (drawn from my own) holding a globe on which I filled in the continent shapes with the name of Jesus.

Colored with Prismacolor pencils after inking with Prismacolor Premier fine line marker in my Bible.

Matthew 12:21 was perfect for the word font 'hope'.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 9:44 AM PDT
Tuesday, 19 September 2017
Bible Journaling - Psalm 47:6
Topic: Bible Journaling

I had a short out-of-town getaway last week so did not stay on task with the new font in the lettering lessons I follow. I ended up finishing this week.

The font was titled 'Praise'. One of the 'goals' of the instructor was to have these letters 'bounce' instead of sitting on the same baseline. I tried -really I did.

The second day was, as usual, the whole alphabet. You'll note that I did not go back and trace any of these in ink and erase the pencil lines:

And the third day lesson was to write familiar words. I wrotesome hymn lyrics and called that the homework for day 3 and day 4.

I'm still not enamoured with the bouncing letters so, when I took this font to my Bible, I made those letters line up like little soldiers. I am very happy to have them standing in nice little rows. :)

I found that Psalm 47:6 had plenty of opportunities to use the word 'Praise' in the assigned font.

The guitar illustration is a re-drawing of one I founf in my Pinterest feed the other day. What great timing!







Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 10:14 AM PDT
Friday, 8 September 2017
Bible Journaling - Isaiah 52:7
Topic: Bible Journaling

With a bit of a busy week (again) I did the lettering lessons hit and miss. The font this time was named 'beautiful'.

The first lesson I worked on was skipping right to the full alphabet. I found it extremely challenging to make this cursive alphabet 'stand up' so it looks more italics that it is supposed to.

I am not overly fond of the lowercase U when it connects with some letters. Just looks strange. You'll notice below that some letters that have a trailing loop do strange things when juxtaposed with the leading loop on the R.

We also worked on designing wreaths this week.

For my 'in the Bible' journaling I chose Isaiah 52:7 because I have been wanting to this one for some time.

Idea for the feet was found on Pinterest.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:57 PM PDT
Saturday, 19 August 2017
Bible Journaling - Romans 12:18
Topic: Bible Journaling

When I was looking up verses on PEACE to do yesterday I had a hard time deciding between two of them. So I decided to do the other one toda y and here we are with Romans 12:18.

I decided to make this one all about the lettering and wording so did minimal work on the illustrating.

Istarted with the words and then added frames, banners and ribbons around them to tie them together. This was a bit of fun to do.



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 3:20 PM PDT
Bible Journaling - Romans 12:18
Topic: Bible Journaling

When I was looking up verses on PEACE to do yesterday I had a hard time deciding between two of them. So I decided to do the other one toda y and here we are with Romans 12:18.

I decided to make this one all about the lettering and wording so did minimal work on the illustrating.

Istarted with the words and then added frames, banners and ribbons around them to tie them together. This was a bit of fun to do.



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 3:20 PM PDT
Friday, 18 August 2017
Bible Journaling - Isaiah 26:3
Topic: Bible Journaling

This week, the lettering lesson on the Bible journaling Facebook group was titled 'peace'.

I went directly to writing the alphabet in both upper- and lower-case.

To use it in my Bible, I illustrated Isaian 26:3 with Multnomah Falls, an iconic, semi-local tourist attraction in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon.

I worked from photos on Pinterest (there are many).

To me, waterfalls are very peaceful and this is one of our favorites.

I love these lettering lessons!



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 2:17 PM PDT
Saturday, 12 August 2017
Bible Journaling - Mark 3:35
Topic: Bible Journaling

Again, this post will be a lot of lettering - a new-to-me font, followed by a Bible journaling page using it.

On day one, the challenge was to letter the assigned words in the new font:

Note the little eyeballs in the letters.

On day two, for the full alphabet I chose to skip the thickened lines on the lowercase letters:


Day three, we were instructed to letter a few familiar words in the font and to do some double-line doodles:

On to day four where we lettered a scripture. I stayed with the theme of 'eyes' for mine:

I thinkthe eyes on every letter makes them look to busy. You start to see them as just dots instead of eyes.

So, for my Bible journal page I left most of the dots off the lowercase letters, only using a couple here and there:

I got an idea for illustrating this from some clipart online.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 4:04 PM PDT
Friday, 4 August 2017
Bible Journaling - Psalm 97:11
Topic: Bible Journaling

As promised yesterday, here is the scripture I did using the 'zealous' font:

I opted to use only the uppercase letters for balance and styling. The lowercase just would not hang on the wires nicely.

Again, I used a few elements from the letterin lessons in the new book: Hand Lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 5:49 PM PDT
Friday, 28 July 2017
Bible Journaling - Isaiah 55:12
Topic: Bible Journaling

As promised, here is the assignment for day #5 in the Lettering Lodge, using the 'joy' font and 'twisty ribbon'.

I worked in imagery for all the parts of the verse and even turned the twisty ribbon into a musical staff.

I had fun dreaming up this layout and researching on Pinterest to find photos of the elements I wanted to use in order to get the perspective right. This was especially important for the wrought iron gates.

I drew double lines on most of this as I had done so on the gates and then needed to do the same on the background as it was fading away with only a single thin line.

I found myself singing the song while I was doing the lettering - and still catch myself humming it today!



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 10:37 AM PDT
Thursday, 27 July 2017
Bible Journaling - Psalm
Topic: Bible Journaling

We're back in the Lettering Lodge doing homework with a faux brush font nicknamed 'Joy'.

This font starts with neatly drawn cursive. Then an additional line is added to the downstrokes and the space is filled in.

The first day we practiced a few words to get the feel of the font:

The second day we wrote out the entire alphabet in upper- and lower-case:

The third day we wrote out familiar words and learned to make twisted ribbons:

Finally, on the fourth day we were given a specific scripture to write out 'on plain paper' and decorate with ribbons. I figured, if I'm going to all the trouble to write it out and decorate it, I might as well do it in the Bible and add art:

Tomorrow we will be instructed to do a full Bible journal page in our Bible using the font and a ribbon. I've already done mine but I'll restrain myself and not post it until then.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 8:06 PM PDT
Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Bible Journaling - 2 Corinthians 12:9
Topic: Bible Journaling

It seems when I learn a new font for the Lettering Lodge on the Bbile Journaling Facebook page I follow, I immediately want to write out the whole alphabet. Then, depending on the 'word' that is assigned to that font I start thinking about verses I can journal with that font.

The group is doing one word on Monday, the alphabet on Tuesday, a surprise assignment on Wednesday, a verse on paper on Thursday and then using the font in the Bible on Friday.

I can't work that slow. I end up doing the word AND the alphabet on Monday, looking for verses on Tuesday and journaling in the Bible by Wednesday...Thursday at the latest.

If they did it all in one day, I would be OK with that!

So, this week it was a font they called Grace. It has a bit of Native American art vibe to it.

I changed up little bits in the font to come up with this page (the uppermost word is a different font by the same artist):

As you can see, the lowercase letters re not very exciting - the rounder letters have a diamond-ish feel to them, but everything else is just basic printing.

So, when I wrote out the verse in my Bible, I used all uppercase letters. Again, I edited bits of the letters and then I did some creative coloring to give them a bit more pizazz.

For the hands, I used an illustration sheet that taught how to draw this particular pose and then traced to the back of the paper to get the reverse image. 

I took a photo of the tiny sketch with my phone, turned up the contrast and enlarged it and then used the screen under my bible like a lightbox to trace the hands.

It was a new process for me.




Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 3:43 PM PDT
Friday, 14 July 2017
Bible Journaling - Jonah 2:2 and 9
Topic: Bible Journaling

Yesterday I used the new font 'Grateful' which was shown the other day to journal in Jonah.

The lettering instructor included some inspiration on creating decorative wreaths and some traditional symbols for the word 'grateful'.

I combined all three elements for my page.

This kind of page treatment works when there is no specific 'picture' to illustrate the selected scripture.

I did include a little whale to set off the scripture reference in the upper right. :)



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 12:01 AM PDT
Tuesday, 11 July 2017
Organizing Journaling Supplies
Topic: Bible Journaling

I reorganized my Bible journaling supplies and they can now be on display. I already had several boxes that look like books and they were all tucked away not being useful at all!

I had reference materials - books on lettering and sketching, printouts of alphabets, sketching reference material, etc (mostly 8 1/2x11) that I put in the large wooden box on the bottom of the stack.

The box with the purple binding has my Bible, a list of verses to work on, one drawing pencil, one journaling pen, a white eraser, a pencil sharpener and repositionable page flags.

On top of that is my box of colored pencils. I haven't figured out a way to repackage them so they stay in order.  Oooh-oooh-oooh, I just thought of something! I can build a slipcase that looks like a book and slide the metal bo inside. Yeah, I'll be doing that.

Topping the stack is a box of drawing paper and loose drawing pens and pencils.

Over on the left is a box containing a portable pop-up light and a box of my favorite pens.

In the next photo you can see that I put a bookmark in each one with the supplies listed so I don't have to keep opening them to find what I need.

The only thing not here is my Huion led light pad that I use for tracing my sketches into the Bible. It is too big for the display so it lives elsewhere.

This keeps everything neat and together.


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 4:38 PM PDT
Friday, 30 June 2017
Bible Journaling - Psalm 150:1-8
Topic: Bible Journaling

The assignment for today on the lettering part of the Bible journaling Facebook page I am following was to use that new 'Praise' font we learned to write a scripture in our Bible.

There are so many scriptures that have the word 'Praise' in them. I decided to focus on Psalm 150 where all 8 verses use it:


Praise the LORD.

Praise God in his sanctuary;

  praise him in his mighty heavens.

Praise him for his acts of power;

  praise him for his surpassing greatness.

Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,

  praise him with the harp and lyre,

praise him with timbrel and dancing,

  praise him with the strings and pipe,

praise him with the clash of cymbals,

  praise him with resounding cymbals.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.

Praise the LORD.


Well, I sure didn't have room to write out all of it so I paraphrased it like this:


Praise God in his sanctuary.

  Praise him in his mighty heavens.

Praise him with the trumpet,

  with the harp and lyre,

with the timbrel and dancing,

  with the strings and pipe,

with resounding cymbals.

Let everything that has breath Praise the LORD.


For the illustration I drew a trumpet, harp, lyre, and cymbals. Then I added a flute for the pipe and a tamborine for the timbrel.



Another assignment completed.



Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 10:17 PM PDT

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