Digital Art

Some of my artwork is done digitally. The teabagfolding group began having a series of online graphics swaps. In each round a 'host' posts a set of coordinating tiles and a sample using them to create a card.

Each participant uses their own graphics program to design a card with the tiles and a teabag folded medallion of one of the tiles is then put on the card which is scanned and posted back to the group.

I have used Corel PhotoPaint to create my own tiles and CorelDraw to create the card layouts. I have not attached teabagfolds to all of my cards.

I became fascinated with the process and have begun creating many more tiles and using them for this process.

Here are the cards I have created using these methods.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image

My Paintings

Round 1
tiles by Joyce

Round 2
tiles by Barbara

Round 3
tiles by Greet

Round 4
tiles by Ruby

Round 5
tiles by ME!

Round 6
tiles by Leo

Round 7
tiles by Judith

My tiles made from
a scan of fabric

My tiles made from
my watercolor

My tiles made from
someone's painting

My tiles made from
underwater photograph

My tiles made from
painted kitchen tile

Want some tiles to play with? Here are two sets I created using the paintings of Thomas Kincade.

Right click on a graphic to save to your hard drive.

Garden Collection

Click here
for a sample card
using 5 of
these tiles

Seaside Collection

Pansy Collection

Rose Collection

Stamp Collection

Berry Collection

Mosaic Collection

Wildflower Collection