Arts and Crafts Bookshelf

These titles are materials in my own library or are resources I have used in developing my art. I have personally reviewed all of these titles and find each to be outstanding in its area.

General Crafts

Klein, Laurie
Hand coloring black & white photography : an introduction and step-by-step guide
Quarry Books; c1999
ISBN: 1564965864
Magaret, Pat
Watercolor quilts
That Patchwork Place; c1993
ISBN: 1564770311

I used these techniques for my wallpaper mosaics
Nadelstern, Paula
Kaleidoscopes & quilts
C&TPub; c1996
ISBN: 1571200185

Useful information can be used in papercrafts design
Woolsey, Jackie
Making hand-sewn boxes : techniques and projects
Guild of Master Craftsmen Publ.; c1999
ISBN: 1861080859
Sattler, Helen
Recipes for art and craft materials
Beechtree Books; c1994
ISBN: 0688131999
Andrew, H.E. Laye
Arco Encyclopedia of Crafts
Arco Publ; c1978
ISBN: 0668056096
Wrobel, Jessica
The crafter's recipe book
Quarry Books; c1998
ISBN: 1564964450
Mayer, Ralph
The artist's handbook of materials and techniques
Viking; c1991
ISBN: 0670837016
Laury, Jean Ray
The photo transfer handbook : snap it, print it, stitch it
C&T Publ; c1999
ISBN: 1571200649
Bawden, Julie
Decorative boxes : to create, give and keep
Letts; c1993
ISBN: 1852384166
McCarthy, Mary
Crafter's pattern sourcebook : 1001 classic motifs from around the world and through the ages
Trafalger Square; c1999
ISBN: 1570761418
Young, Tammy
The crafter's guide to glues
Chilton Books; c1995
ISBN: 0801986117


Hall, Kay
The color printer idea book : 40 cool and practical things to make with your inkjet printer
No Starch Press; c1998
ISBN: 1886411204
Walton, Stewart
Creative photocopying : using the photocopier for crafts design and interior decoration
Watson-Guptill; c1998
ISBN: 082301102x
Wilson, Diana
The encyclopedia of calligraphy techniques
Running Press; c1990
ISBN: 0894718509
Noble, Mary (and Janet Mehigan)
The calligrapher's companion : complete reference to over 100 alphabets
Quarto Publ.; c1997
ISBN: 1571450890
Jackson, Paul
The encyclopedia of origami & papercraft
Running Press; c1991
ISBN: 1561380636
Lupfer, E. A.
Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy : instructions and over 150 examples
Dover; c1982
ISBN: 0486219577
Fleischman, Paul
Copier creations : using copy machines to make decals, silhouettes, flipbooks, films, and much more
HarperCollins; c1993
ISBN: 0060210524
Reese, Jane
Making your own marbled and decorated papers
North Light Books; c1996
ISBN: 0891347127
Maurer, Diane
Marbling : a complete guide to creating beautiful patterned papers and fabrics
Crescent Books; c1996
ISBN: 051702019x
Taylor, Carol
Marbling paper and fabric
Sterling Pub. Co.; c1991
ISBN: 0806983221
Oliver, Stefan
Paint your own illuminated letters
Chartwell Books; c1998
ISBN: 0785810641
Wilson, Janet
The art of decorative paper pricking : [embossing, cutwork, paper lace]
Search Press; c1998
ISBN: 0855328673
Sullivan, Michael
Make your scanner a great design & production tool
North Light Books; c1998
ISBN: 0891348417
Ames, Lee
Draw 50 flowers, trees, and other plants
Doubleday; c1994
ISBN: 0385471505
Beyer, Jinny
Designing tessellations : the secrets of interlocking patterns
Contemporary Books; c1999
ISBN: 089228661
Dalby, Claus Zimba
Gift Boxes
Parkwest Publ.; c1994
ISBN: 1870586182

Parchment Crafting

Ospina, Martha
Parchment craft : over 15 original projects plus dozens of new designs
Lark; c1999
ISBN: 157990095x
Wilson, Janet
Art of parchment craft
Search Press; c1997
ISBN: 0855328231
Wilson, Janet
Parchment craft : a fifteenth-century art form
Search Press; c1995
ISBN: 0855327960
Pictorial archive of lace designs : 325 historic examples
Dover; c1989
ISBN: 0486261123

Great resource for designing original parchment craft patterns

Teabag Folding

Groot, Ivonne de
Tea bag folding & more : instructions for folding and creating beautiful cards
Hot Off The Press; c1998
ISBN: 1562314610
deGraaf, Leane
Tea bag folding #2
Hot Off The Press; c1999
ISBN: 1562315943
van der Plas, Tiny
Kaleidoscoop folding : the basics of tea bag folding
Crea; c1997
ISBN: 9038412274
Pointer, Terri
Tea-rific folds : tea bag folding techniques

Pointer, Terri
More tea-rific folds : tea bag folding techniques



Atkinson, Jennifer
Collage art : a step-by-step guide and showcase
Quarry Books; c1996
ISBN: 1564962156
Brommer, Gerald
Collage techniques : a guide for artists and illustrators
Watson-Guptill Publ.; c1994
ISBN: 0823006557
Leland, Nita
Creative collage techniques
North Light Books; c1994
ISBN: 0891345639

Handmade Books

LaPlantz, Shereen
Cover to cover : creative techniques for making beautiful books, journals and albums
Lark Books; c1998
ISBN: 0937274879
Webberley, Marilyn
Books, Boxes & Wraps : Binding & Building Step-by-Step
Bifocal Publishing; c1998
ISBN: 1886475008
Baumgartner, Peter
How to make your own books and boxes
Search Press; c1997
ISBN: 0855328126
Richards, Constance
Making books and journals : 20 great weekend projects
Lark Books; c1999
ISBN: 1579900925
McCarthy, Mary
Making books by hand : a step-by-step guide
Quarry Books; c1997ISBN: 1564963284
Lewis, Arthur
Basic bookbinding
Dover; c1985
ISBN: 0486201694
Riberholt, K.
Bookbinding at home : the basics of bookbinding simply explained in words and diagrams
Thorsons [Sterling]; c1980
ISBN: 0722505981
Watson, Aldren Auld
Hand bookbinding, a manual of instruction
Reinhold Publ. Corp.; c1963
ISBN: 048629157x
Ikegami, Kosanjin
Japanese bookbinding : instructions from a master craftsman
Weatherhill; c1986
ISBN: 0834801965
Ferrari, Valeria
Paper crafting beautiful boxes, book covers and frames
Sterling Publ.; c1997
ISBN: 0806999535

Handmade Paper

Richardson, Maureen
Grow your own paper : recipes for creating unique handmade papers
Quarto Publ.; c1999
ISBN: 1564772802
Reimer, Mary
300 papermaking recipes
Martindale; c2000
ISBN: 1564773035
Plowman, John
The craft of handmade paper : a practical guide to papermaking techniques
Knickerbocker; c1997
ISBN: 157715018x
Worrell, Nancy
Paper plus : unique projects using handmade paper
Krause Publ.; c1977
ISBN: 0801989183
Toale, Bernard
The art of papermaking
Davis Publ.; c1983
ISBN: 0871921405
Stevenson, Cheryl
The art of handmade paper and collage : transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary
Martindale & Co.: c1998
ISBN: 1564771563

Stamping and Stamp Carving

Miller, Sharilyn
Stamp art : 15 original rubber stamp projects for cards, books, boxes, and more
Rockport Publ.; c1999
ISBN: 156496583x
Abel, Michele
Rubber Stamping : Beyond the basics
Creative Impression; c1994
ISBN: 0963075616
Haysom, Cari
StampCraft : dozens of creative ideas for stamping on cards, clothing, furniture and more
Chilton Book Co.; c1996
ISBN: 1801988500
Page, Gloria
Art Stamping Workshop : create hand-carved stamps for unique projects on paper, fabric, polymer clay and more!
North Light Books; c2006
ISBN: 1581806965

Card Making

Twelvetrees, Kate
Glorious greetings
Chilton Book Co.; c1996
ISBN: 0801987601
Penney, Jacqueline
Painting greeting cards in watercolor
North Light Books; c1997
ISBN: 0891347151
Kropper, Jean
Handmade books and cards
Davis Publ.; c1997
ISBN: 0871923343


Bantock, Nick
Griffin and Sabine : an extraordinary correspondence
Chronicle Books; c1991
ISBN: 0877017883

These three books are a pleasure to read as well as being perfect examples of the technical art of Faux Postage and Mail Art
Bantock, Nick
Sabine's notebook : in which the extraordinaty correspondence of Griffin and Sabine continues
Chronicle Books; c1992
ISBN: 0801101802
Bantock, Nick
The golden mean : in which the extraordinary correspondence of Griffin and Sabine concludes
Chronicle Books; c1993
ISBN: 0811802981


Martin, Judy
The encyclopedia of colored pencil techniques
Running Press; c1997
ISBN: 0762401176
Harrison, Hazel
The encyclopedia of acrylic techniques
Running Press; c1994
ISBN: 1561383554
Harrison, Hazel
The encyclopedia of watercolor techniques
Readers Digest; c1999
ISBN: 0894719832
Katchen, Carole
200 great painting ideas for artists
North Light Books; c1998
ISBN: 0891347992
Greene, Gary
Artist's photo reference : flowers
North Light Books; c1998
ISBN: 0891348115
Pech, Arleta
Painting fresh florals in watercolor
North Light Books; c1998
ISBN: 089134814x
Clinch, Moira
The watercolor painter's pocket palette : instant, practical visual guidance on mixing and matching watercolors to suit all subjects
North Light Books; c1991
ISBN: 0891344012
Rankin, Ron
Mastering glazing techniques in watercolor
Watson-Guptill; c1986
ISBN: 0823030245
Jordan, Julia
Transparent painting techniques : how to achieve veils of luminous color in watercolor and acrylic
Watson-Guptill; c1992
ISBN: 0823054357
Milne, Judith
Flowers in watercolour
Batsford; c1992
ISBN: 0713464038
Heim, Dawn
Step by step guide to painting realistic watercolors
North Light Books; c1997
ISBN: 0891347143
Donovan, Liz
Painting sunlit still lifes in watercolor
North Light Books; c1997
ISBN: 0891347321
Loudin, Frank
Capture the charm of your hometown in watercolor
North Light Books; c1998
ISBN: 0891347925
Engle, Nita
How to make a watercolor paint itself : experimental techniques for achieving realistic effects
Watson-Guptill; c1999
ISBN: 0823057089
Kunz, Jan
Painting beautiful watercolors from photographs
North Light Books; c1998
ISBN: 0891347917
Kunz, Jan
Painting watercolor florals that glow
North Light Books; c1993
ISBN: 089134473x
Greene, Gary
Creating radiant flowers in colored pencil
North Light Books; c1997
ISBN: 0891347259
Wilcox, Michael
The Wilcox guide to the best watercolor paints
Artways; c1991
ISBN: 0891344098

Jewelry and Metalsmithing

McGrath, Jinks
The encyclopedia of jewelry-making techniques
Running Press; c1995
ISBN: 1561385263
McCreight, Tim
The complete metalsmith : an illustrated handbook
Davis Publ.; c1991
ISBN: 0871922401
Clegg, Helen
Making wire jewelry : 60 easy projects in silver, copper and brass
Lark Books; c1997
ISBN: 157990002x
McCreight, Tim
The metalsmith's book of boxes and lockets
Hand Books Press; c1999
ISBN: 0965824896
McCreight, Tim
Jewelry : fundmentals of metalsmithing
North Light Books; c1997
ISBN: 1880140292