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Group One
In & Out of Studio 3D
Friday, 21 December 2018
Working Up Your Courage
Topic: Bible Journaling

This week, in light of the arrest and detainment of Christians in China, I felt compelled to create a font that focuses on COURAGE and CHAINS. This is the lesson plan that I used this week.

COURAGE Font – Day 1 – Introduction

The first line shown is the basic letter set and then bars are added to connect them to create a chain of letters out of that word.

This font is ONLY an upper-case and all of the letters are exactly the same size, with the same spacing between letters. Your ‘box’ for creating each letter will be 3 units wide and 2 units high.  Each corner is rounded to form that letter into a ‘link’ in the chain. There will be a 2-unit space between the letters.

Draw out all the letters in your word in pencil, then ink it and erase the pencil. The connecting links will be 3 units long, the same as the letters. They can be placed in random positions, just as long as they link the letters. That’s why every letter has those rounded corners, so there will always be some place to link to.

Have a great time learning this new font.


COURAGE Font – Day 2 - Alphabet

Today is the reveal for the entire COURAGE alphabet.

As I pointed out yesterday, every letter is the same size (2x3) and features rounded corners and extensions to use for linking. Spacing is always 2 units so the 3-unit links will extend ½ unit into the letters on each side.

I am loving the look of the J, Q, R and V especially in this font. Note that the D has one sharp corner as, if that corner is rounded, you end up with another O!

When you write out your sample alphabet you can skip the linking lines as this will be your reference page for future use and the links will move about depending on the words you are writing.

Sometime in the future, you may decide to use these letters in a more traditional manner: No links and a tighter spacing (1 unit, instead of 2).


COURAGE Font – Day 3 - Lyrics

Now we are going to practice with the new font by writing up song lyrics that have to do with COURAGE or being in CHAINS.

I am dedicating this font to calling attention to the recent arrest and detention of Christians in China. I hope you will join me in prayer for these brothers and sisters in Christ.

My paper did not have enough space to write all the words side-by-side so I changed one word to a script and thereby reduced its footprint.

Join in by writing your own song lyrics, or a quote or other phrase.


COURAGE Font – Day 4 - Scripture

Today is more practice with the COURAGE font by writing a scripture on practice paper.

My piece, again, focuses on CHAINS. I added the words ‘the Lord’ because the scripture starts with the word ‘he’ and I wanted to be clear who it was talking about.

How are you liking this font?


COURAGE Font – Day 5 - In Your Bible

When I got ready to write this scripture in my Bible, I realized that the focus word was actually too long to use the font. We adapt! I used a space-saving script and then used it again down the page, to create continuity. You’ll note that the letters are shrunken down from the practice letters but remain perfectly readable.

As I scanned this first chapter of Joshua, I found that FOUR TIMES, the Lord told him to ‘Be strong and courageous’. WOW! I guess there is a lesson here in what God expects of us.

Select a scripture that talks about COURAGE or CHAINS and journal it in your Bible using this font.

If you ever 'play along' and use these font I teach, I would love to hear about it!


Posted by studio3d@ccgmail.net at 1:50 PM PST

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